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Date: 2011-05-17, Tue
Time: 20:00 ~ 21:00
Topic: Headache
Guest: Dr. Jody Pearl, (Neurologist)

What is causing the headaches: (Prof. Harry Seftel)
There are many different types of Headaches, which can come from the teeth, sinuses, eyes, ears, influenza, oestrogen, contraceptive pills, high blood pressure medication, and then there are also the tension headaches.

Dr. Jody Pearl:
The most common headaches are migraines, tension headaches, pain also caused by painkillers, medication overuse headache (rebound headache) and cluster headaches.

Some headaches will wake you up at night, about after 2 hours of retiring.
There is as fear going to sleep out of fear awaking with a cluster headache.

Headaches are on the rise world wide and even found in children.

Increase in people suffering more of chronic headaches,
50% chronic headaches 1x month
15% chronic headaches 1x per week
5% chronic headaches 1x daily (everyday)

The WHO calls headaches as the 19th disabling condition.

Headache Clinic
Tel.: 0861 678 911 or 011 484 0933

Links between Headaches and Geopathic Stress :

Other Problems:

Our Response:
Pain is always an ALARM SIGNAL (like a red light in your car) and will have to be investigated and not suppressed by medication.

One of our Case Studies: 8 months of suffering from heavy Headache disappear overnight:

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