Winter Problems

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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Winter always brings some problems - and that every year anew.

Electromagnetic Radiation:

Please reduce, better ban, all electrical appliances and gadgets and wireless communications out of your bedroom.

Wireless Communication:

Get a battery operated alarm clock or a wind-up one.


Does this have to be, that way, or would you like to gear yourself up to counter-act these problems and boost your body's natural defence system? Then you would have to increase your vitamin and mineral intake. The best this could be done is by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Have a look that your Vitamin C and Zinc levels are kept higher than normal.


Please watch you clothing, especially in the winter times, as well as in spring an autumn, as the temperature tends to change quite considerably during these times. Rather always have an extra jersey or pullover handy. Woollen items might keep you warm, but they would not be much of assistance against wind, as the structure is too open, so if you go outside please use something like an anorak or wind breaker. keep warm , but not woo warm, that you will have to sweat, as this might be the time when you can easily catch a cold as well. Please bear this in mind when doing sport or at school.


Also make sure you are not sitting/standing in a draught, as this could cause an influenza (flu) just as breathing in of lots of ice cold air, when you know you are prone to be having lung related problems.


Do not over-heat your rooms, as you have to go out into the cold passage and back into another over-heated room, this might have another problem catching a cold. Rather just make sure you keep a steady medium temperature and dress warmly otherwise rather retire to bed.
- Maintaining lower temperatures also save electricity at the end making it more environmentally sound, too.


When using heaters, you should note that the safest available are the oil filled radiators, as these have a totally encapsulated heating element, however they will have to be earthed properly to get the full benefits. Keeping the extension lead the same thickness ad the ones of the heater is something that should be observed not to cause overheating and a fire in the process.
Keep the extension leads as short as possible, as they are also emitting EMF/EMR, when the heater is off. Keep extension leads away from living organism incl. your body.

Electric Blankets:

Then please observe another factor, as electric blankets are very often used throughout the whole night. This is not good at all, as it exposes you to a lot of electromagnetic pollution due to the electrical currents flowing in the loops of the electric blankets. The flow of electricity always causes an electromagnetic field and radiation around any wire, according to the voltage and currents flowing through it.

Coil Spring Mattresses:

This is not a specific 'Winter Problem' !
Yet another complicating factor - believe it or not- is the use of a coil spring mattress, as this will work like an amplifier of various electro magnetic fields and radiation (EMF/EMR) and also Geopathic Zones.
- This is especially true - and aggravating the problems - when you are also using an electric blanket, as the electric energy is directly transferred to into the mattress, which is then amplifying the electrical field and radiation resonating at the mains frequency of 50Hz/60Hz depending of the country.


Green Tips:

''Believe It or Not''
To really SAVE ELECTRICITY, while boiling water in the kettle
and filling the left-over hot water into a THERMOS FLASK, for use later !!!
- That will even give you instant HOT WATER the next time you need some!
View some pictures of available Thermos Flasks Designs and Thermos Coffee/Tea Pots

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