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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

More and more Shopping Centres are 'equipped' with the so called FREE WiFi, however the facts already showing up by now are pointing in a very different direction !!
This FREE Wi-Fi is not so FREE after all, as it might cost your HEALTH and even your LIFE !

Some people are already feeling the effects of the Wi-Fi in Shopping Centres after just 25 - 30 minutes !!
From our own patients some have been reporting they can no longer go out to eat in restaurants in Shopping Centres as there is Wi-Fi all over!

Paramedics confirm Heart Attacks in Shopping Centres on a daily basis !!

I have just gotten yet another conformation on Saturday, 9 July 2016, when I was entering a Shopping Centre, as 2 paramedics came out with their bags of equipment. - The Rest is HISTORY:

More Facts about (#Free) #WiFi :


Look what happened to me today (or yesterday):

When I entered the Shopping Centre this evening, 9 July 2016, 2 Ambulance Paramedics came out, so I asked them if they were successful and if it was yet another Heart Attack and if they had many of such cases.
They looked puzzled and replied “Yes, yes - everyday, everyday, everyday“!!
So I told them it came from the Free Wi-Fi in the Shopping Centres and they should also cross check it with https://EMFscientist.org where 190 Scientists appealed to the #WHO & #UN and all their Member States (of which South Africa is one, too!), to lower Radiation Levels internationally!
- - - As of April 27, 2016, the Appeal has 220 signatures from 41 nations. - - -

If they had not heard about it yet it is just another conformation, that there is a massive #MediaBlackOut & #CoverUp !
I also told him about children in US & Canadian Schools dying from Heart Attacks in Schools who had WiFi installed!

“WOW”, he said, “if that is true, they will splash it all over the Internet, tonight!”

Lets see what happens!!
- Most likely their boss might block them!

- Anyone who still does not believe me, please do your own investigation or X-ref:


How many #WARNINGS does it still take before South Africa WAKES-UP ??
- In European Countries WiFi has been removes already or bannes outright in schools, libraries and other public places !!
- Please do NOT believe me, but do your OWN Research !!
- What about WiFi_in_Schools (6h per day)???
- What about WiFi that is ON in your homes right through the night - if it is used or NOT??!

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Internet References:

Heart Attacks in Shopping Centres:

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