We are Years ahead !!!

We stand for: PREVENTION is the best CURE !!!

However, we can also HELP YOU with these ILLNESSES and related PROBLEMS !!!

Remember: Your Doctor, is not the 'Master of your Health' - you are,
and entitled to a 2nd and 3rd Opinion … and more if you need!



Breaking NEWS: ►►► Press Release for our 21st Anniversary ◄◄◄

Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Having done what we are doing since 1993, we have the insight and expertise to say that we are (21) YEARS ahead of time!!

We have shown it time and again that we are on the right track, as our approach to problems and the implementation of solutions are still showing this - basically daily!
So far nobody even tried to follow us.
We work on the KAIZEN principle of Continuous Improvement.


In accordance with the 20th Anniversary of the Institute for Geopathology SA, we have founded a new branch, that is known as Sound Healing Academy, to perfectly match the work we are currently doing and to put us in a position to help and support even more people.

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