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Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger

Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger

Published on 1 Mar 2012 by alchemy2012now

by Thomas Joseph Brown

In 1958, what was to be the last year of his life, a little known man of great vision received an invitation from America he simply couldn't refuse: complete and ample financial support to carry on the work of Project Implosion — a project which promised to give humanity free, clean energy while allowing for the return of balance in nature. And so, despite his deteriorating health, an elderly Austrian Forestmaster, Viktor Schauberger, gathered all the materials of his life's work and made the trip to America — at last Schauberger was to receive the long-overdue recognition for his awesome discoveries!

Unbeknown to Viktor however, there was no money, only a well planned set-up that kept him in virtual imprisonment until every bit of his incredible data was signed over to these mysterious Americans. Completely crushed and dismayed, Viktor returned home to Austria where he died five days later.

Who was this man Viktor Schauberger, and what sort of evolved discoveries had he made which prompted the methodical invalidation of his ideas and the diabolical destruction of his intense will to life?

This video reseals all the shocking details of his life commitment — the proposals, the inventions, and the predictions that so upset the establishment.

This video celebrates Viktor's dedication to the salvation and glorification of water — the lifeblood of the earth. Witness for yourself the astounding contributions one remarkable man attempted to bring to a planet already showing signs of the desperate times ahead during the 1920s and 1930s. This is one video you will want to show to everyone around to help spread its vital message.

This video has been posted on several other sites without permission for years and is now legendary. Do more searching on Schauberger and implosion/vortexian energy, there has been a lot of good work put out since I did this video in the early 1990s.

Viktor Schauberger Vortex Video

Viktor Schauberger Vortex Video

Uploaded by 77GSlinger on 18 Nov 2008

You tube money grubbers have forced a commercial onto this video without my permission. I am not making a single dime off of this disgusting commercial activity. I am 100% against the low life money grubbers using my work to make money off of me. Write these degenerates and let them now how sick you are of their commercials

Some images to contemplate upon, relating to the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger in the Fields of Forestry, Stream Management, Agriculture, Environmentalism, Implosion Physics and non-polluting, Free Energy Technologies. He personally designed these technologies to benefit humanity and usher in a new era of unlimited abundance for everyone. And it was his intention to resurrect Nature's Beauty, from mankind's ubiquitous destruction.

Walter Russell's work in Cosmology explains a great deal of Schaubergers discoveries in laymen's language:

For a detailed account of the free energy technologies of Viktor Schuaberger and Walter Russell, Implosion Physics, Bio-mimicry, Scalar Mechanics and the many types of Free Energy Technologies currently in existence please see:

Viktor Schauberger: Implosion Turbine from the 1940's

Permanent Magnetic Free Energy Motors

All current destructive academic forms of energy production including the corporate alternatives of Solar, wind and tide are all obsolete. Demand that this technology not be suppressed by the energy barons again for another 50 years. Start a group and demand it be implemented immediately to reverse our present direction into a planetary environmental hell.

Hold President Obama accountable for his promised mantra of "Change". This is the only change that will bring about real freedom, happiness, recreation and eternal abundance for humanity.

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Namaste Amigos

Viktor Schauberger - Rationalism : Free Water Free Energy for Furthering Peace

Viktor Schauberger - Rationalism : Free Water Free Energy for Furthering Peace

Uploaded by sn1pe352 on 29 Jun 2011

Rationalism - By: (Me) Nicholas Ellis @

People believe the government's worst fear is all of these insanely complex "over-unity" technologies, when in reality its simple, relatively barbaric technologies that can Free (US) Earth People.

Big Brother aka FEMA has the rights now, will it ever see the light of day in useful ways? History repeats itself and time will tell ;D

This system can use 100 percent free electricity for its power.

(Imagine a permanent solar station), Solar Powered electric motors (Large Sterling Thermal Engines) for the Suction-Vacuum Effects, thus in return a permanent watering station for 3rd world countries…producing a thousand gallons of water per day in ANY Deserts on Mother Earth! No matter how low precipitation levels!

We must remember deserts have high condensation during the Humid Morning hours etc etc

I personally know the inventor and his daughter, trust me these machines can be made with SCRAP Semi Trailers and ROCK SALT + Photoelectric driven electrical generators the possibilities are endless!

"If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed. The sun raises the water of the oceans and winds drive it to distant regions where it remains in state of most delicate balance. If it were in our power to upset it when and wherever desired, this mighty life-sustaining stream could be at will controlled. We could irrigate arid deserts, create lakes and rivers and provide motive power in unlimited amount. This would be the most efficient way of harnesing the sun to the uses of man." ( Dr.Nikola Tesla, June 1919 )

Questions for Academia - By: Viktor Schauberger

Why doesn't the Earth's warm air rise?
Why is it so cold at the top of a mountain, i.e. nearer the sun?
Why in our houses is it warmer nearer the ceiling and colder at the floor, when an artificial source of heat is used?
Why does marble expand with heat and why doesn't it contract again with cold?

Why is the desert so dead despite all the heat?
Why do damp tiled roofs dry out from the eaves towards the ridge?

Why does the groundwater in walls rise far above the surface of the ground?
Why don't wooden posts rot under water, but above it always?
Why can rising cold water pierce through the hardest rock?
Why does water pulsate and breathe?
Why does groundwater manage to remain on the sides of mountains?
Why, growing colder and heavier, does it rise upwards?
Why does it frequently spring from high peaks?

Why do west-to-east flowing watercourses fertilize their banks?
Why are the banks of east-to-west flowing rivers so barren?
Why are the banks of south-to-north flowing watercourses fertile on one side only?
Why do rivers flowing into cold seas migrate laterally to the north?
Why do deltas and estuaries develop?

Why is the water at the poles warmer at the bottom?
Why is the sunlit surface at the poles so icily cold?
Why doesn't the warmer, lighter bottom-water of the sea rise upwards?
Why are the water temperatures at the equator so warm?
Why does it get warmer again below the boundary layer of +4oC?
Why does life below this boundary layer begin anew?
Why does the salt content of the seas vary?
Why can the warm Gulf Stream push the cold seawater aside and wend its way for thousands of kilometers over mountains and valleys in a reversed temperature gradient without the assistance of a mechanical gradient?


UNIVERSAL PEACE, assuming it to be in the fullest sense realizable, might not require eons for its accomplishment, however probable this may appear, judging from the imperceptibly slow growth of all great reformatory ideas of the past. Man, as a mass in movement, is inseparable from sluggishness and persistence in his life manifestations, but it does not follow from this that any passing phase, or any permanent state of his existence, must necessarily be attained through a stataclitic process of development.

"The Hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for some while, but I do not hesitate to say that in a short time it will be recognised as one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history"

All EM radiation is a photonic stream - NOT a wave with transverse fields.

Edison thinks that Sir Hiram Maxim is blowing hot air. The fact is my Long Island plant will transmit almost its entire energy to the antipodes, if desired. As to Martin's communication I can only say, that I shall be able to attain a wave activity of 800,000,000 horse power and a simple calculation will show, that the inhabitants of that planet, if there be any, need not have a Lord Raleigh to detect the disturbance.