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Making Waves: Microwave Pollution (preview)

Making Waves: Microwave Pollution (preview)

Uploaded by mearbhrach on 23 Feb 2008

On 15 March 2005, Karen Naismith Robertson of the North Dorset Green Party presented a national 'TETRA and Phone Mast Forum' in Gillingham, Dorset, UK. The event was filmed and made into a DVD-ROM to make the information available to the wider public. The Forum was chaired by Mike Bell of the EM-Radiation Research Trust and the list of speakers included:

Barrie Trower - Author of the 'Confidential Report for the Police Federation', bio-physicist and microwave weaponry expert.

Mike Clark - HPA spokesman (formerly the NRPB).

John O'Brien - 'Tetrawatch' anti-TETRA spokesman.

Roger Coghill - Bioelectromagnetics researcher 'Coghill Research Laboratories'.

Chris Maile - Planning law expert 'Planning Sanity' .

Fiona Darroch - Barrister at Law for environmental and public interests.