White Noise - 100% Pure Sound

White Noise — 100% Pure Sound

Uploaded by NatureSoundsMP3 on 3 Jan 2010
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Put this white noise on quietly and enjoy the increased relaxation and focus the purity that white noise brings.

If you would like to download a free high quality audio to this video go to the website at the top of this link.

To hear the best of this white noise sound, use a pair of headphones or decent speakers so that you experience the lower bass parts of the sound that are lost on tinny speakers.

Pink Noise

Pink Noise

Published on 16 Apr 2012 by BinauralBrainwave
A pink noise study aid for those who need a break from the brain entrainment frequencies (i.e. if you exceed several hours of use, load this one up instead and experience the same benefits). This also provides an alternative for epileptics, pregnant women or people with heart trouble for whom brain entrainment is not suitable for.