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Two Kitchen Killers - Teflon & Microwaves

Two Kitchen Killers - Teflon & Microwaves

Uploaded by magnusmulliner on 26 Dec 2009

Please do your own research and find out if what I'm sharing with you makes sense.
Teflon pans have been sold in our Westerner society since 1961. Chemically Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), whose trade name is Teflon can cause all sorts of health problems including child birth defects.
Of course no one in this day and age (just look at our financial system for one example!) takes any ownership about producing either products sold as foods or 'essential' cooking items sold, which also compromise our health.
GET RID OF YOUR TEFLON and ALUMINIUM PANS (don't even think about using tin foil on your foods either!) Caste iron, stainless steal pans are better choices.
Get rid of your microwave and buy a Crock pot and or a steamer. Ask yourself a Q, what would my grandmothers mother be using to cook/heat her foods? Start there. Sending love

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Non-stick coating of Stainless Steel Pan

How To: No stick on a Stainless steel Cookware

How To: No stick on a Stainless steel Cookware

Uploaded by TheMatthewTsui on 16 Jul 2009

Hello everyone! Egg seems to be one of the hardest things to cook. It tends to stick and break and just plain hard to deal with. Well today, I wont be teaching you how to cook the perfect egg but, I will be teaching ya how to cook a fried egg in a stainless steel pan. I like to cook with 5 ply Stainless Steel pans because 1. Its healthier, 2. it does not have any chemical coatings or peelings and 3. I know how to cook with it so it does not stick to the pan and become all messy.

Basically if you follow my directions in this video you too can cook with a stainless steel pan and not have your food stick. Remember patient is key in this video.

P.S.: I am not trying to teach you all how to cook the perfect egg,. I am explaining how to cook a fried egg so that it wont stick to a non coated pan.


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