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The Underlying Cause is a complicating factor, sometimes the main and HIDDEN problem to an illness or disease.

— It is a contributory factor of ill health (often hidden and ignored).

STRESS, especially Electro Stress and Geopathic Stress are very often the (hidden and undetected - even ignored) UNDERLYING CAUSES to many illnesses and diseases, of chronic and degenerative nature!!!

If the underlying cause can be found and eliminated and therefore the patient's condition can be improved considerably and the recovery time shortened. As long as the patient stays clear of such 'underlying problems' there should be no re-occurrence of the original problems, or only reduced conditions, as the main problem source has been removed.
— This basically means "going to the roots" of the problem and removing them.

When patients (with undetected underlying causes) are treated over many months and even years, without a reasonable success - sometimes even being linked to PSYCHOLOGICAL problems, these are said to be TREATMENT RESISTANT or THERAPY RESISTANT. In such a case many doctors are at end of their capabilities or just guessing and trying further treatments which might be able to work, even after having done all possible tests in the practice or even in a clinic or hospital.
However the patient still does not have the satisfaction of being cured and still has complaints.

An example to compare: "Epilepsy"

Determining the underlying cause

Additional diagnostic methods include CT Scanning and MRI imaging or angiography. These may show structural lesions within the brain and heart, but the majority of those with epilepsy show nothing unusual.

As seizures have a broad differential diagnosis, it is common for patients to be simultaneously investigated for cardiac and endocrine causes. Checking glucose levels, for example, is a mandatory action in the management of seizures as hypoglycemia may cause seizures, and failure to administer glucose would be harmful to the patient. Other causes typically considered are syncope and cardiac arrhythmias, and occasionally panic attacks and cataplexy. In addition, 5% of patients with a positive tilt table test may have seizure-like activity that seems to be due to cerebral hypoxia. For more information, see non-epileptic seizures.

The above mentioned INVESTIGATIONS are very extensive and expensive at the same time.

By doing an Environmental House Investigation, which is far cheaper and could indicate several problems to the root (at the same time), are very often totally ignored, as it is not main-stream medical practice.
This type of 100% SAFE and NON-INVASIVE (ENVIRONMENTAL) TESTING will be as important, as the washing of hands between patients (Semmelweis Reflex) in the not too distant future of medical technology. Many more patients could be helped far quicker - without months of long investigations and treatments in hospitals and the (painful and psychological)) suffering for patient and also the attached family..

STRESS, especially Electro Stress and Geopathic Stress are the UNDERLYING CAUSES to many illnesses and diseases, of chronic and degenerative nature!!!

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