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Treatment Resistancy / Therapy Resistancy is exactly what the name says. It is a condition (and or illness) that does not (seem to) respond to several treatments and therapy, inclusive of medication.

For problems like this it is problematic to help with ordinary stream line medicine.
Most of these situations have an underlying cause which is complicating matters. Sometimes these situations are so severe that the patient is suffering for years on end while the medics are trying one treatment after the next without the needed response from the body. Most of these people are then referred to a specialist, who also struggles to kerb the related problems. Very often the affected people are landing up at a psychologist or psychiatrist or even in a psychiatric ward at a later stage.

This not uncommon and well documented in a Research on 52 patients of a medical doctor's practice, which was actually done in Germany in 1990 to 1992 and was even awarded Research Prize in November 1994.

Please look for various underlying problems, below and have a House Investigation done, which could track down most problems on a shoe string budget before major and expensive tests and investigations are done in hospitals, causing lots of pain and suffering in the mean time.

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