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This Website has mainly been constructed for the educating and informing the medics and lay people alike and motivating more research on topics discussed herein.
As for the DISCUSSIONS needed, please go to the relevant Start

At the same time we placed a strong emphasis on ease of use, navigation as well as flexibility and usability.

The following things are to be observed never the less, to make your experience even better and more interesting and fruitful:

  • This (Web 2.0 compatible) Website was laid-out for Mozilla Firefox, but should also work with most other browsers.
  • Please use the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- function (by pressing the Control-key and + or the Control-key and -) in Firefox respectively, to increase and decrease the size of the fonts (text), as you like, for optimum reading comfort, but please observe that the formatting might be affected as lines are lengthened and shortened and pictures and tables are repositioned.
  • To get back to the Default Size, please use Ctrl0 (Control + Zero)
  • Please observe the two-colour coding of the LINKS:
    • One colour has an active page with information the other not, depending on the formatting used:
      • LINK exists — This page EXISTS
      • LINK does not exist — Page does NOT (yet) EXIST (is planned/provisional, by clicking on the LINK the non-existing page can be created.)
  • For ease of navigation there is also a Top Menu Bar providing several extended features and short-cuts to assist the Side Menu.
  • Keeping Track with the LATEST UPDATES and EDITS, please use the Recent changes function under Admin in the Top Menu Bar.

Multiple possibilities of organizing and structuring information:

  1. Editing Pages and Sub-Pages — Please also see the Text above.
  2. ForumGo to the Live Forum
  3. Categories (Groups)
  4. Hierarchical Structure (Page Tree Structure / Bread-Crumbs Navigation)
  5. TagsFlagging pages with Tags is quite powerful — See: Sample
    Tags can effectively help to group related information. Listing and searching can be utilized in connection with Tabs, too.
  6. Databases — This will have to be tailor-made and individually created, per task.
  7. Databases and Data Forms — Databases using Data Forms

Further Tips will be added here later.

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