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Brenden Nel - SuperSport
Johannesburg - Former Springbok captain Joost van der Westhuizen has suffered a setback in his fight against the debilitating nerve disease after the initial treatment prescribed by his doctor failed to show any signs of improvement.

And now, Van der Westhuizen will be searching for help overseas as he and his physician, Dr Jody Pearl will head to the USA to try and find a cure to his symptoms. Despite the therapy’s failure, Dr Pearl has not confirmed that Van der Westhuizen has Motor Neuron Disease, as was initially indicated, but came as close as possible to confirming the diagnosis, saying it “remains a probability” in a statement released Saturday night.

The trip, which was funded by SA Rugby Legends, will see Van der Westhuizen travel to the Centre of Neurology at the Cleveland Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio to search for a cure.

“I am disappointed to report that following a four week trial of therapy, Joost van der Westhuizen has failed to respond favourably and his neurological symptoms persist but he remains stable. Consequently, the diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease remains a probability,” Dr Pearl said in the statement.

“Due to this Joost and I will be travelling to the leading international centre of Neurology at Cleveland Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, USA towards the end of July. There we will consult world-leading experts and researchers to assist in finalising Joost's diagnosis and to guide further management.

“This trip and treatment will be made possible by the generous support from the SA Rugby Legends Association, specifically from its President's Fund administered by Gavin Varejes. Notwithstanding the severity of the situation, Joost remains positive.”

Van der Westhuizen, who won the RWC trophy in 1995, and also played in 1999 and 2003, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder more than a month ago, which was initially thought to be Motor Neuron Disease. He was hospitalised and has since been undergoing a series of treatments to try and counter the effects of the disorder, which have failed.

It is very sad to hear about Joost's illness I wish him all the best and a quick recovery.

I have been trying several ways now to contact him and his family directly, but all was in vain - or no response was received, since the news about his illness broke.
So herewith I will now go LIVE with this information, commemorating the 18th birthday of the organisation I founded on 1 July 1993 dealing with numerous specific Environmental Health Problems.
I have also been in contact with many medics who mostly laugh it all off, but have had relatively good results with a hand full of medics' patients, that looked into the work I do and let me help support them and their patients.
I will now state it here yet again, as so many times, before:
The treatments will not be effective until either the person/patient is removed from the RADIATION ZONE (Geopathic Zone) or vice versa.
Motor Neuron Disease is just one on the degenerative illnesses that is either caused or aggravated in the presence of Geopathic Zones.
For more information, please read-up the articles on our website dealing with 'Illnesses' and 'Investigations'.

I would be glad to be working together with the medics, but somehow in South Africa they seem to know better, than what RESEARCH has shown in Europe!

Hope this entry will be heard BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE !!

Kind regards

Joost, we can help you !!!

We can do it here!

- LOCAL is LEKKER !! -

There is still one month to go before you want to go to USA, so let's not waste more time and start right away.
2 valuable months have already passed !!
At least it would be worth a 2 - 4 hour home investigation, depending of the problems found there.

To get toxins out of the body one would first of all stop putting more in and not add more !
Please get out of those Geopathic Zones a.s.a.p. !!

Study can not replace Experience. Well, we have both!

In Germany they have a saying: "Probieren geht über studieren."
This means: "Trying goes above studying."

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