Response to the Minister of Communication (2015-02-06)

We are defending Human Rights and the RIGHT for a HEALTHY LIVING ENVIRONMENT for ALL, as it is written in the Constitution of South Africa, which is trampled with feed and raped daily - even by politicians and government !!

TRUTH is the new Hate Speech !!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology, retweeted:

Faith Muthambi @faithmuthambi (2015-02-05, 16:11)

Just like all the various Ministers of Finance, I should start a Tips for Faith.It seems there is no shortage of ideas on how to run my dept

Peter Heindl @Geopathology (2015-02-06, 11:44)

PLEASE, Minister @FaithMuthambi,
start running your department in an #ETHICAL WAY,
respecting the #HUMAN #RIGHTS of ALL Citizens alike !!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology (2015-02-06, 11:46)

Who is actually in charge of this "DIGITAL SWITCH OVER" ??
Anyone, @antonnies @faithmuthambi??
It is an #Agenda21 Tools BRAINWASHING us all!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology (2015-02-06, 11:52)

Currently Minister @FaithMuthambi is in breech of #NurembergCode,
using outdated MAXIMUM LEVELS on Microwave Radiation!!
@gavdavis @toni_gon

Peter Heindl @Geopathology (2015-02-06, 11:53)

Please do your own research on how
#SAFE the DVB-T (Digital TV) signals actually are!
@antonnies @faithmuthambi

Do your #HOMEWORK/#EIA !!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology (2015-02-06, 11:57)

I thought SA is a sovereign state, but NO!
Has to do EVERYTHING, handed down from the #Puppet #Masters!
@antonnies @faithmuthambi @gavdavis