Dr Eve promotes toddlers to use Wireless Gadgets ... ?

We are defending Human Rights and the RIGHT for a HEALTHY LIVING ENVIRONMENT for ALL, as it is written in the Constitution of South Africa, which is trampled with feed and raped daily - even by politicians and government !!

TRUTH is the new Hate Speech !!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology · 2014-11-14, 11:51

.@Dr_Eve, U have been WARNED once before of giving #WRONG #ADVICE live on air!
Pple giving Wireless Devices to toddlers should be locked up!

Peter Heindl @Geopathology · 2014-11-14, 11:53

.@Dr_Eve, NEED SOME REAL FACTS?? - Be my guest !!
- - - #WiFi is #Genocide & #Scientific #Fraud, be careful !


Wireless Madness:

Technology Use Guidelines for Toddlers, Children and Youth
Less is better