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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

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In the meantime, you might like to do some reading-up about this problem on Wikipedia1, or other links about similar problems, as given below.
- Please be aware that the Wikipedia does not mention anything in the line of RADIATION, which is sadly missing there altogether. Also the energy distribution though-out the whole building is very important.
Many researchers, most of them well-known medics, have been researching this phenonemon.
The names to this topic are as follows:

Please see the different kinds of radiation:
Ionising Radiation
Non-Ionising Radiation
Earth Radiation, Geopathic Zones, Geopathic Influences
EMF/EMR, EMF, EMR, Electromagnetic Pollution, Electro Smog, Electro Stress

Please also note that Moulds are a real health problem in homes, too !!

Please also read up about how the following people have been researching and helping numerous people:

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List of Radiation

Wikipedia References:

Internet Cross-Reference Searches:

NASA Science References:

The LIST of radiation as given below also indicates the effects on humans, which is directly linked to the distance from the object or source of radiation.

Therefore the electric blanket also gets 5 triangles (▲▲▲▲▲) just like a cellphone or a DECT telephone, even though the radiation of the telephones is much higher. The exposure time to an electric blanket's electro magnetic field can be up to 8 hours and longer!

Item Radiation (Effects) Radiation Distance ± [cm] Radiation Level ±
House Wiring (the cables in the wall) ▲▲▲
Extension leads (plugged in) ▲▲▲
Electric Blankets ▲▲▲▲▲
Bedside Lamps ▲▲▲▲
Clock Radios ▲▲▲▲
Cellphones Transmission Towers ▲▲▲▲▲
Cellphones ▲▲▲▲▲
DECT Telephones and devices ▲▲▲▲▲
WiFi/Wireless LAN devices ▲▲▲▲▲
Desktop Computers ▲▲▲▲
Laptop Computers ▲▲▲▲
CRT Monitors ▲▲▲▲
LCD Monitors ▲▲▲
LCD Monitors (with LED backlight)l ▲▲
CRT TVs ▲▲▲▲▲
Plasma TVs ▲▲▲▲
LCD TVs ▲▲▲
LCD TVs (with LED backlight) ▲▲
Microwave Ovens ▲▲▲▲
Electric Heaters ▲▲▲▲
Electric Radiator Heaters (earthed) ▲▲
Fluorescent Tubes ▲▲▲▲
Energy Savers ▲▲▲▲
Light Bulbs ▲▲
Electric Shavers ▲▲▲▲
Hair Dryers ▲▲▲▲
Sunbeds ▲▲▲▲▲
Remote Control ▲▲
Watches (digital) ▲▲
Watches (mechanical) other

Please note that any electrically operated device will have RADIATION, this is however depending on the screening of its enclosure and wiring. However the effects are also strongly dependant on the distance from the object.

Anyone claiming an effective screening devices (having heard to be screening up to 99.5%) to screen off the radiation of a cellphone or other wireless device is very strange, as a cellphone or other wireless device WILL NOT WORK on 1% or less radiation!

EMF/EMR Reference List

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Internet References:

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Internet References:

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South African Internet Searches:

Wikipedia References:

Internet Searches:

NASA Science References:

  • Video: The Electromagnetic Spectrum incl. Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Electro-Magnetic Pollution
    Very well explained. Everyone can understand this !!!


EU Parliament (2012-03-18):

Cellphones are added to list of potential risks for cancer, by the WHO - (31 May 2011)

YouTube Videos on RADIATION:

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