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Robert Endrös, or also Endroes, the famous German engineer & physicist, found many ground-breaking facts how the radiation of the Earth is influencing all forms of life !!!

He was researching and investigating various topics like, Sick Building Syndrome, Traffic Accident Scenes, Suicide Cases, some of these on order by the authorities, like the police.

The SUICIDE cases have been investigated by Robert Endrös in Germany, clearing up various problems and linking them to ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS, like underground flowing water (water veins) having been affected by a High Tension Power Line a few km up stream from where these SUICIDES had occurred!

Endrös also did extensive work on how the Microwave Radiation affects the Endocrine System !!


Robert Endrös' book: "Die Strahlung der Erde und ihre Wirkung auf das Leben" ("Earth Radiation and its effects on life")

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