What if HIV is true ??? vs. What if WiFi is causing harm?

2014-08-20, 03:31

Hello Sebenzile @SebNkambue, @Radio702 @CapeTalk567 @Lead_SA

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You do not empower people, by rolling out WiFi, and irradiating them all with harmful Microwave radiation 24/365 !!!
- This is unconstitutional and a Human Rights Violation far worse than SMOKING (in public) and ALCOHOL combined.

Kind regards
Peter Heindl
Geopathologist & Environmental Health Expert


You have just mentioned one should better believe in the severity of HIV and not be a denyalist, how about believing in the THREAT and imminent DANGERS of Wireless Communication for a change that does indeed affect everyone - yes 100% of the people in the area - and that 24/365 and not only while they are using the devices but even people who do not even have such devises are still fully exposed to the harmful Microwave radiation!!
- So WiFi & Cellphones are more dangerous than HIV and even AIDS !