University of Johannesburg (UJ) will train the 3000 Digital Ambassadors

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) will train the 3000 Digital Ambassadors the city needs to teach about 700000 of its residents digital literacy.

Website reference, RDM News Wire, 2015-08-04 (11:05)

This will be part of the Jozi Digital Ambassadors Programme‚ which Mayor Parks Tau and UJ Vice-Chancellor Professor Ihron Rensburg are to launch on Friday ahead of the roll-out of 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city.

It will utilise‚ a UJ statement on Tuesday said‚ “a cloud-based learner management system incorporating open source learning”.

“The training will take place over a period of 18 months to enable residents to utilise and benefit from the broadband connections in their areas‚” the statement said.

“The Digital Ambassadors will enable the broader Johannesburg community to engage with digital technology‚ for example in online job seeking opportunities‚ banking applications and access to digital services‚” said Professor Johan Meyer‚ head of school at the UJ School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Meyer added that they will be mentored in business acumen “towards achieving competence in using the digital world as an enabling technology for their own innovation enterprises”.

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Our reply:

They are just jumping in, brainwashed by the Industry and most likely also funded - and supported by Government (Local, Provincial & National), too!
Convenience and all the other shiny things are much more important that the real hard-hitting FACTUAL EVIDENCE of cancer-causing Technologies where people are bombarded with Microwave Radiation - the same frequency as your microwave oven!
- Why do people never learn anything from HISTORY - even though they had to learn it at some stage??
Can they not look around how other countries are featuring - after having implemented Wi-Fi and especially Wi-Fi in Schools ???
It is a fact that WIRELESS INDUSTRY is committing Scientific Fraud against Humanity and the Environment, by frying everybody alive !!
- Over the last 60 years the Background Radiation has increased a few million times - something the world has never seen before and is not tolerating these high levels of electromagnetic pollution and electromagnetic radiation any longer. serious Health effects are already showing across the whole range of, humans, animals and plants.



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