Response to Helen Zille (2015-12-02)

Oh, PLEASE @HelenZille/@WesternCapeGov, WAKE UP !! ?? (2015-12-02)

You are either FAST ASLEEP, or you have no idea what you are talking about,
or you are also an #Agenda21/#Agenda2030 #Agent - or all three of the above!

Bill Gates and his #Foundation have just damaged 47.500 children in India "with their PolioVaccines" - that is a #CRIME !!
- I think, you should do YOUR HOMEWORK, for once - and START READING up before throwing big words around … "EDUCATE YOURSELF about the FACTUAL TRUTH" !!

What are you actually standing for ??
- No, you don't have to tell me! You are for WiFi_in_Schools and therefore are as guilty as charged busy with #ChildAbuse together with EVERYONE ELSE who is playing along likewise!
This #ChildAbuse is nothing short of Rape - and that for 6 to 7 hours per child per school day !!!

And PLEASE go take me to Court, so that we can get THESE THINGS ON THE TABLE ONCE AND FOR ALL and do not just #HIDE away and CoverUp the FACTUAL TRUTH in BLOCKING ME !
If you think children have a right to access the Internet, I do fully agree, but YOU have no RIGHT whatsoever to bombard them with TOXIC (neurotoxic & genotoxic) HEALTH AFFECTING Microwave Radiation – of which you have NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER and are forcing this Technology down the children's throats – just to polish up your image and shine as the SAVIOUR who brought INTERNET TO THE SCHOOLS! Did you ever do an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) to check out the possible problems, or did you just implement it on hear say or on advice of the supplying companies?
- Why don't you also supply cigarettes and alcohol to the children at the same time? These would be the lesser evil!!

- You are able to BLOCK me - but YOU WILL _NEVER_ BE ABLE TO BLOCK THE #FACTUAL #TRUTH !! - It will ALWAYS come out, sometimes it just takes a little longer!

Shame on you ! Shame in people at your rank, they should do their #HOMEWORK BEFORE THEY are OPENING THEIR MOUTH and not just do ParrotTalk and echo what the Industry is proclaiming and currently pushing, just because it is in FASHION - and/or apply (Head-in-Sand) OstrichPolitics|OstrichPolitics !!

I would be ashamed to the GRAVE, if I had to introduce such Wireless Technology into Schools that is HARMING the children, causing ConcentrationProblems, ADHD, HeadAches, Aggression and Depression up to Suicide – even sterilizing them and giving them HeartAttacks and Strokes, also Cancer and other neurological problems and genetic damages to the DNA in the eggs of the young girls and the semen in the testicles of boys, and many other problems may occur!
- But to YOU, all this might not even be a problem, and you are STILL BRAGGING ABOUT how good YOU are. For ADHD children, you would most likely then just put them all on #RITALIN (being 93% Fluoride - to be exact), to 'silence' and 'calm them down' again!
- Obviously, you also got your "Handlangers", like @AlanWinde, @DebbieSchafer and others … who are just as guilty - and have no clue about all this either!

You people have no idea about Telecommunication, Microwave Technology, EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields), RF (Radio Frequency), human physiology, anatomy, pathology or electromagnetic influences of any kind and even LESS INTEREST to even go and find it out - even after I have been pointing it all out to you for HOW MANY TIMES !!
- You do not deserve to even hold such an office and putting people to harm, as you are currently doing - together with all the supply companies, underwriters and subcontractors, too !!
But you are in good company, as 95% of SA Medics have no clues about most of the above either!

I just hope your #Indemnity Insurance for your actions are up-to-date - as such a DAMAGE is not a Child's Play but a MASSIVE CRIME equivalent to what was written down in the NurembergCode in 1945!!
- and that is not what I sucked out of my thumb, but what the FCC called it !

Yes - and if that means WarCrimes – it is just that !!
- This means nothing else as than we are all exposed to covert Weapon Grade Microwave Radiation !!

To quote Barrie Trower, an ex UK Military Microwave Weapons Expert, Spy Debriefer and ex MI5 & MI6 Agent: "Everyone installing and operating WiFi_in_Schools should be locked up in Jail for Life!"
- So, I wonder when you are all moving in there! - I know if 5 people in SA, killed by WiFi radiation - causing Heart Attacks!!

Please have a good look at the following WEBSITES:
Cece Doucette presentation to the Board of Health

This Onslaught by Microwave Radiation which is nothing short of a Physical Assault with a Deadly Weapon – far worse than SMOKING - for which are very clear Guidelines and physical boundaries to be erected by law. Where is that law for an even worse attach on our health when it is needed and EMF/RF already having been classified as the next Epidemic, where the very tip of the iceberg is not even insight yet!

What are you actually trying to PROVE, by pushing UN-tested and UN-safe Technology, that was never even tested to be safe, pre-market release, in any long time test! So we all are the GuineaPigs for that world-wide experiment of COOKING HUMANITY, as Barrie #Trower called it in his research papers!

Why are overseas countries warning their people about #WiFi and even removing it from schools and banning it, while we in South Africa still cannot get enough of it and are rolling it out with an ever increasing speed?
I would highly advise you to either EDUCATE YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY, or get HONEST & TRUTHFUL ADVISERS, to assist you in future and nobody involved in the TECHNOLOGY or companies who are pushing this technology, as one day you will be held accountable for what you have done! There is NO ESCAPE!!

Why are all YOU politicians - inclusive the Global Media - for a MediaBlackOut & CoverUp of Information EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW and the WARNINGS and APPEAL of 190 EMF Scientists from 40 countries, to the @WHO and @UN, which were already issued on 11 May 2015 ?

WACHET AUF Ihr Schlafmützen!!!

- - - THE #TRUTH MUST BE TOLD !!! - - -
Can you show us the DA is any better than the ANC???
„An den TATEN werdet Ihr sie erkennen!“

- If you need more #TRUE #FACTS, you know where to find me!!

Kind regards

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