Radio702: 2014-08-28 - What is ETHICS & Ethical Behaviour ?

Good morning John Robbie @Radio702,

what is ETHICS ???

- Well I can tell you what is not !
Most WIRELESS COMMUNICATION is totally unethical , as it was never said it was SAFE !!!
- In fact, to be exact - more and more HEALTH RISKS and serious HEALTH PROBLEMS, like Cancers and other chronic health problems are reported from all over the world - even Genetic Damage do the DNA!
Yet our so called EXPERTS - our 'trusted' politicians are joining hands with the WIRELESS INDUSTRY and forcing each and everyone in South Africa (unknowingly, with or without their explicit consent) to take part in World's largest Experiment, making them Guinea Pigs in the(ir) Agenda21 instigated plans !!

Please ask the Minister of Basic Education to abandon Wi-Fi in Schools, with immediate effect and ban it (together with Bluetooth and Cell Phones), as she makes herself guilty of Child Abuse and responsible for all damages caused !!
- She should actually be LOCKED UP, together with all the others rolling out WiFi - especially in Schools!

Please read the Writing against the Wall, or are you no longer able to do that, as you are already standing against it, just like the Ministers of Health / Environment / Communication, Education, Science & Technology, and Trade & Industry ? !!

This is definitely not a Lead SA approach, but actually ABUSING & 'RAPING' CHILDREN in schools & homes, causing physical harm to them.

Anyone who says Wi-Fi is the Internet is a LIER !!! - Just like a river is not the ocean either !

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By using the following wireless communication devices:

… people are currently irradiated by Microwave Radiation, all over the Globe without their consent, unknowingly being forced to take part in World's largest EXPERIMENT as Guinea Pigs.

— This is nothing, but CRIMINAL !!! —