Radio702: 2014-08-26 Jenny - Nkandla vs. Wireless (EMF Pollution)

Here is the Open SMS, as sent to Jenny Cryws Williams at Radio 702 on 2014-08-26 (13:27)

Hello Jenny,
Nkandla is only a DROP IN THE OCEAN!!
The current problem is ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION & RADIATION, which is getting larger on a daily basis - forcing everybody ion SA to participate in World's largest EXPERIMENT without consent !!
- Just wait until people find out the REAL FACTUAL TRUTH about this ongoing Fraud telling the population "WIRELESS IS SAFE", as this is a total & utter lie and you should know this, after ell YOU interviewed Dr. Barrie Trower in 2010 !!

- These true Facts are on my website!

Please get him back on air, a.s.a.p. !!!

Kind regards
Peter Heindl

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