Radiation Damage to the Eyes and Retina (2014-09-23)

As a response to the Talk-at-Nine Show on Radio 702 and CapeTalk 567, by Dr. Aubrey Makgotloe an Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) and Claudette Medefindt of Retina SA who have been interviewed by Aubrey Masango, 2014-09-23 between 22h00 and 23h00.
The Topic was: Retinal Disorders and Eye-care
— The Audio Clip will still be posted later!

I fully agree with Dr. Aubrey Makgotloe, that Eye Problems are no longer only occurring in the elderly, but even in younger people already.
- Strangely it is exactly those people who are mostly using electronic and wireless gadgets.

More and more medics are individually warning about various HEALTH PROBLEMS in younger generations, but it seems they still have made no connection to the pre-programmed epidemic onslaught from all the WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS we are using 24/365 all around us.
- Nobody is safe any longer, as they are still putting up more and more cell phone towers and Wi-Fi access points !

After HOW MANY YEARS and Court Cases was SMOKING eventually found to be carcinogenic?
- Well the WHO has already placed Electromagnetic Radiation in the same group together with Mercury and Asbestos — WAKE-UP World!
Radiation Devices are is no toys!



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