Project Isizwe: WiFi emerges as SA data saviour (2014-10-03)

Wishful Thinking !!

Project Isizwe @ProjectIsizwe 2014-10-03 (16:17)

WiFi emerges as SA data saviour
… via @Fin24 cc @ruckuswireless

This is what they say now, let us see what they are saying in 5 to 10 years - when the damages come to light !

We already now it all NOW, as WiFi is making inroads and is actively DAMAGING PEOPLE all over the world.
— Why should it be any different here in South Africa ???

Einstein said:
"INSANITY is - doing the same things over and expecting different results!"

Now get the REAL TRUTH about WiFi:

… from the people who know - not from the ones promoting and installing it !
It would be like asking a Tobacco Company if SMOKING is dangerous to your HEALTH !

Our Direct Reply:

Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 2014-10-04 (19:30)

Yes sure!! - Good marketing & brainwashing the people ! #Free #WiFry and pay with your #Health! @ProjectIsizwe @Fin24 @ruckuswireless #WiFi

References for Wireless Communication:

All below mentioned devices are BAD for your HEALTH, some with severe HEALTH EFFECTS, indicated by (More is worse!)

Electro Magnetic Radiation can make you sick! (It basically is only a matter of exposure and time !!)

The question: Does Microwave Radiation make you sick,
is no longer IF, but WHEN !