People - YOU ARE BEING LIED TO, big time !!!

WAKE-UP South Africa !!!

The WIRELESS INDUSTRY is only telling 1/2 Truths, and … covering up the most important part of it !!

  1. That their Technologies ARE NOT SAFE, at least they never said so …
  2. … the Technology is UN-tested (pre-market release)
  3. … and has a huge IMPACT on your HEALTH & WELL-BEING
  4. … they are still getting support from Government to the things they are doing
  5. … making you take part in World's largest current EXPERIMENT on Electromagnetic RADIATION Exposure - without your explicit consent !
  6. … which is nothing, but CRIMINAL !!
  7. - Nobody actually stands up for the TRUTH and RIGHTS - Your HUMAN RIGHTS, as proclaimed in the 'so called' Constitution, for what it is worth in the end !

The Communications Industry is still either supported or totally ignored, by the following:

  • Minister of Communication
    • CEO of ICASA
  • Minister of Health
  • Minister of Environment
  • Ministers of Education
    • Minister of Basic Education
    • Minister of Higher Education
  • Minister of Science & Technology
  • Minister of Trade & Industry
  • Minister of Police
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Justice
  • MECs of Provinces
  • City Councils & Mayors
  • Political Parties
    • Democratic Alliance

- This is very sad indeed !!!

Wireless Technologies (using Microwaves):

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