Open Letter to President Jacob Zuma, in Reaction to YouthDay Speech 2016

as published via Twitter: (2016-06-21, 12:00)

#OpenLetter to @SAPresident #Jacob #Zuma, @PresidencyZA, YouthDay2016
CC: @PublicProtector @ThuliMadonsela3
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#OpenLetter to @SAPresident #Jacob #Zuma,
in Reaction to the #YouthDay Speech, 2016-06-16
CC: @PublicProtector @ThuliMadonsela3

Dear President Zuma,

we have announced THIS Open Letter a few times already in other messages to you, and since having received NO REACTION since, there is not much of another option.

In your Youth Day Speech, you speak of torched Schools and the cost of rebuilding valuable and expensive infrastructure of institutions that was destroyed, but you still do not see what YOUR @GovernmentZA already has been and is still DESTROYING – and this is the very BEINGS of our Children – by exposing them to #Microwave #Radiation for 6h per day or more!
- Who is going to REBUILD THEM – when they have Nervous System / Brain / Endocrine System Damage and irreparable #Genetic #Damages for many Generations ahead – and at WHAT COST? - Especially now, after the large Insurance Companies have withdrawn from paying any DAMAGES for ILLNESSES caused by WIRELESS TRANSMISSION DEVICES, this even includes Lloyds of London, who are known to insure (almost) anything!
- We cannot allow our children (and other people) to be exploited and abused like that!

What does it help to build Treatment Centres for Alcohol & Drug Addiction, when the people running these facilities cannot get to the bottom of the actual underlying causes! Most Medics, Psychologists & Psychiatrists have NO KNOWLEDGE of Human Physiology and its Interaction with #EMF/#RF/#Microwave #Radiation and Electrical Engineers and Product Developers have no clues either!
Yet we are forever and a day told: “There is not enough conclusive evidence”, just like it was the case with #SMOKING and the #Tobacco #Industry some years ago. Everybody now knows this was all a #ScientificFraud, too – and now they want to play the same tricks on us again repeating history???
Non-Smokers at least now have the protection of Smoke Screens, now, but how many years will it take this time and how many people will have to suffer or even die, from blanketed #RADIATION #EXPOSURE of being #EHS, before the proper steps are taken???

The Politicians have even less KNOWLEDGE about Human Physiology or TECHNOLOGY they are rolling-out, are totally hopeless and are blindly relying on what lies they are told by the WIRELESS INDUSTRY who are busy with a massive #Scientific #Fraud using various Technologies to literally FRYING THE PEOPLE ALIVE, where severe & unknown illnesses and conditions are popping up all over the main exposure areas, caused by #Cellphone & #WiFi Towers as well as from #SmartMeters & #DTT/#DTTV/#DigitalTV/#DVB-T !!

The newest 'so called' “non-lethal” Microwave Radiation Weapon Systems as well as Sound Weapons have been implemented by the US Army and US Police with exactly that knowledge, so please don't pull another trick like that (HEAD-IN-SAND) Ostrich Politics which Government always plays, or that just too familiar blame game – it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the CEO of “The Republic of South Africa Corporation” to steer this (already sinking) ship away from the rocks or STEP DOWN, if you cannot do that Job any longer, as the massive icebergs are right in front and in direct line to where you are steering!

- Yes, the whole system is corrupt, as everyone is just out to make a KILL and pocket as much money - in the shortest time possible, as it it were a Competition!
- The LIVES of People just do not count any longer, there are still 7.5Bn others of them on this globe and everyone speaks of OVERPOPULATION and FOOD & ENERGY SHORTAGES. All this is sheer BRAINWASHING, as it is a management problem and we could easily feed twice that amount of people. #GMOs are just another Fraud to manipulate, oppress & extort from the of the world.
The #Energy #Shortage is yet another lie and your #Nuclear #Deal is going to be SA's largest and most expensive FRAUD – we do not need it, want it and neither can we even afford it. Nuclear Technology and Infra Structure is forever increasing in price, while the Solar and other alternative Technologies are dropping at about the same rate, if not faster. It is just SICK, to even try telling the people such lies about this and hiding the FACTUAL TRUTH!

Lack of #Concentration, #Headaches, #ADHD, #Depression up to #Suicide, as well as #Diabetes, #Obesity, especially #Cancer and many other strange (mostly chronic) illnesses are rampaging - and your Health Experts still have no clues how to go about making a real impact, being busy with cosmetic surgery that does not even go under the skin. Unless the actual Underlying Causes are tackled, nothing will change and many people will be systematically & chemically manipulated and BRAINWASHED, without much of a success!
- This is serious business. We do not need a National Health Insurance (#NHI), throwing even more good money after the bad, but we need a totally New Health System (#NHS!!) re-built from the ground up, throwing out all the corruption and bed-fellows of the Big Pharma Industry paying their way forward, right into the Health System, like a snake. We do not have a shortage of medics, but an improper utilisation of them and 95% thereof still have no clues of that future #Epidemic we are standing right before, we are not even seeing the tip of that iceberg as yet, it is like they are either still working with blunt tools or bulldozers, like working on a new fully electronic car with hammer and spanners – you still have the wrong tools/knowledge!
Why are so many Natural an effective Health Products removed from the Shelves?
Because their very existence is a thorn in the eyes of the Pharma Industry???

May I remind you of #Youth #Month, this JUNE 2016, and what has @GovernmentZA actually done about it – except TALK – TALK – TALK ?

Implementing #WiFi_in_Schools is nothing short of #ChildAbuse equal to #Rape, which is a #Crime in South Africa, as far as I know.
You and your complete Government have #NO #IDEA what you are actually doing to these unsuspecting/unconsenting young children, who are brainwashed just like most of the people that take it for granted, that #WIRELESS #TECHNOLOGY is #SAFE and the only way to get Internet, which is all an absolute #LIE and a well instigated and planned #ScientificFraud, which I will tell you and prove to you, if you have the guts to even look & listen !!

Where are the #MinisterOfHealth, #MinisterOfEnvironment, #MinisterOfEducation and the #MinisterOfCommunications hiding all the time?? They all seem to be irresponsible, are all ignorant & arrogant at the same time and let all my please and warnings to protect the people – especially the youth (with an even higher risk of radiation damage) run into a brick wall.

You can no longer hide behind the @WHO or @UN, as they are busy with a massive #CoverUp & #Ignorance (up into the highest levels, as you can see at: and the (Global) #Media are supporting them with a total #MediaBlackOut about the #FACTUAL #TRUTH of #EMF/#RF & #Microwave #Radiation, especially from #MOBILE #DEVICES - which is already been established to be the next #Epidemic – if not already reaching PANDEMIC STAGES in some areas around the globe.

I am now ready, accusing EACH & EVERYONE installing and operating #WiFi_in_Schools and also #Hospitals, #Clinics, #Libraries and #ShoppingCentres as #Fraudsters and #Cheats especially the ones who have blocked me, since #WARNING them on/via various Social Networks. They are doing the population NO FAVOURS by supplying #FREE #WiFi, as it is not for FREE at all, but it costs their #Health and for a some even their #Life – and then Covering Up the FACTUAL TRUTH about the proven DAMAGE these technologies are causing – big time !!
You should read the Research Reports published by Barrie Trower, an ex UK Military Microwave Weapons Expert, who did 2 researches on #WiFi_in_Schools, after he was already on pension (2012 & Sept. 2013). He also stated: “People operating WiFi in Schools should be locked up in Jail for Life” as well as WiFi .
- Please reference the following Research Reports:

Barrie Trower: “The Cooking of Humanity ” Microwaves, Smart Meters and the use of electronics for “mind control” *UPDATED* (2012/Oct 2013)

Barrie Trower: “WiFi – A Thalidomide in the Making – Who cares?“ (Sep 2013)

- #MrPresident, you are a father of children yourself, too, so please tell me now - if YOU would expose them to dangerous Microwave Radiation that could either render them sterile or cause a string of illnesses for generations ahead due to genetic damages inside testes and eggs inside the ovaries caused by this WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY (of convenience). The children have no protection mechanisms for these kinds of Microwave Radiation used in WIRELESS DEVICES, as their Immune System is only mature at age 21/22 !!

Some people might laugh out aloud now, but the fact is that School Children have in fact DIED due to the Radiation exposure from #WiFi_in_Schools and have been suffering a #HeartAttack. - I, alone, know of at least 5 incidences in South Africa where #WiFi was directly involved and #KILLED people already, the cause being noted as a #HeartAttack, where they had been exposed to WiFi and the heart already been placed under stress conditions. The real FACTS have never even been investigated, as it was quite sure that it was a HeartAttack - and thus THE REAL and UNDERLYING CAUSES have just been swept under the carpet – Due to LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and seeing the CONNECTIONS! - This is nothing short of #MURDER – at least in my eyes!!
- Do I have your ATTENTION, now, #MrPresident ??

You and >95% of SA Medics, Profs and Psychologist have NO CLUES about the actual dangers of such a kind of radiation.
These problems are not going away in a hurry – and in fact are still GETTING WORSE BY THE DAY - as the multi-billion industry (like the Medical industry) is still rolling-out more and more #Cellphone Towers, #WiFi Towers on a daily basis – and soon also the new DigitalTV (DVB-T) Transmitters which have very similar affects – as is already showing overseas countries were they have been implemented - and the people are already getting sick and #EHS from being #OVEREXPOSED to this poisonous #neurotoxic & #genotoxic #Radiation.
- The crazy thing is that there are no long term studies made and as soon as the lab has developed a new device they are field tested and if everything is (technically) working it is going in to mass-production, to have the lead on the competition. The shorter these development cycles/intervals are, the more 'productive' the company is. So who can tell that these products are even SAFE? - They are NOT ! Only many years later when the whole population is affected and somebody is WARNING about these conditions and problems they are called ALARMIST!

Why are we in South Africa so #RELUCTANT, #IGNORANT, #ARROGANT and #STUPID at the same time doing the same thing over and over, not to observe the problems and Warnings of various Overseas Countries have come up with and are already banning #WiFi from use in certain areas (like schools, libraries and hospitals), – especially around children!

Since over 1 YEAR, the WARNINGS of 190 EMF Scientists (, who appealed to the @WHO & @UN, on 11 May 2015, to be exact have been Blacked-Out and Covered-Up by the Media. As of April 27, 2016 the Appeal has 220 Signatories from 41 Nations:
Read the Appeal:

Well, let me tell you and your Government one thing, if they are not (WO)MAN enough and not interested in actually PROTECTING THE CHILDREN in our country and are forever just talking about it, instead of acting – I am one of the few then who is taking this stride on and will move it forward, as WHAT YOU ALL ARE DOING is actually against the #Constitution and is even a #WarCrime, as laid-down in the #NurembergCode of Ethics!!
- No I did not suck this out of my thumb, but this is the UNFORTUNATE FACT, and that was even stated by the @FCC themselves, too !!
- If you do not believe it you can read it all up at:
… and if you do not find it, I will gladly send the PDFs to your Office, hopefully your honest Staff will forward it to you this time round and not try to hide it away again!

Before closing, I would like to remind you that we still have not received an ANSWER from your @GovernmentZA to our burning questions of 3 YEARS AGO, so what are they hiding ???:

And - I would like to also warn you of #PLAYING #WITH #FIRE, and not stopping #WiFi_in_Schools and elsewhere – until it is proven #SAFE – as I can already see all schools burning, when the people find out the SAD & REAL #FACTUAL #TRUTH !!
- This is what the ANC has taught in the past, not so?

If you would treat your people better - with the respect they deserve and would care for their well-being, and not exploit them and suck them dry, you would not have to hide yourself behind bullet-proof glass and in bunkers, as they would also like and respect you, too.

Where is the #Accountability and #Responsibility from any Government Official towards their People and their Country, as they promised to observe and protect when having been sworn-in?
Looks like they can just do what they want and nothing is done against them!
This is not acceptable at all and is sheer criminal, stealing from the people and plundering valuable resources of the country with could have been used for the good of many people.
What we need is accountability from anyone in a leading position right down to the workers in the street. They must be fully responsible for all their actions taken and held fully accountable and liable for any DAMAGES and not commit a HIT AND RUN OFFENCES, like the one most of them have been up to - until they have been fired or resigned. They have to be charged and standing trial for all their misdeeds!
Only then we can achieve to get South Africa right again!

Let us face the challenges of South Africa together and use our brain & muscle power to solve the problems on hand - and not to cause more problems and friction.
- - - What is stopping us from making South Africa great productive and liveable ?? - - -


Kind regards
Peter Heindl

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