Only the Un-Educated will use Wi-Fi !!!

Only the Un-Educated will use Wi-Fi !!

- Because, when you are educated - can read and understand what you are reading - being educated about Wi-Fi, you will most likely not use Wi-Fi any more, or at least reduce it to the absolute minimum !

This is what the Media and Government are hiding from us: THE FACTUAL TRUTH !!

If you have still not heard it, this is just more proof of the fact that the (SA) Media (Press, Radio & TV) are having a Media Black-Out and Cover-Up about this important International News, that 190 EMF Scientists have been appealing to the WHO and the UN (inclusive all their 193 Member States, of which South Africa is one, too), on 11 May 2015, to reduce the Electromagnetic Pollution & Radiation globally !

- As of July 18, 2015 there are 206 signatories to the appeal.

Our Education Departments (National & Provincial) needs some serious EDUCATION (Pun intended!)

The Educators just cannot seem to grab the massive dangers and implications on our health and are still introducing even more WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY into Schools !
When confronted they deny everything, play it down and even cover-up the facts, supported by Government Departments and the Media !

"Wi-Fi is a Basic Human Right", as the Industry and Government Departments are trying to brainwash the public with, is the worst they can do, as this is not true but is a Human Rights Violation in itself which is nothing short or Rape !!

What about the Basic Human Rights the rest of the public has, regarding HEALTH & WELL-BEING ??? - Does this not count? As usual it is just their ideas that counts implementing TECHNOLOGY at all costs - even if the HEALTH of people is at stake! Money counts, people don't!

Facts of the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY causing massive Health Impacts:

People & Organisations BLOCKING us, applying (Head-in-Sand) Ostrich Politics are: