Is the NRCS really working for the people or is it all just a bluff?

Let us just find out, …

… if the NRCS mean real business, or if they just follow the trend' of most State Departments and Ministries and do not not even reply to emails and telephone calls hoping the problems will go away by themselves!

From the website of the NCRS (2014-07-30, 09:35)

NRCS Hotline Number : 0800 21 47 19

Government is responsible for protecting the health and safety of citizens, the environment, and for ensuring fair trade.
NRCS is a public entity responsible to the Minister of Trade and Industries for administration of technical regulations including COMPULSORY SPECIFICATIONS based on STANDARDS that protect human health and safety, and the environment.

Government is also obliged to ensure that National and International trade is fair and based on reliable measurements. NRCS administers the Trade Metrology Act on behalf of the Minister of Trade and Industries. The Act and regulations set requirements for measurements of quantity for trade purposes. The most common measurements in trade are for Mass, Volume, Length and Area.

There are very closely defined requirements for the most common trade measurements of products offered for sale in South Africa that are fully aligned with International requirements. NRCS applies best practice and is a leader in Regional and International Metrology.

Notification on the NCRS's website:

will be hosting the 1st NRCS REGULATORY CONVENTION CONFERENCE on the
17th and 18th September 2014 at The Forum in Bryanston.
For more information and registration click here

For enquires contact William Tladi on 012 482 8705 or email .


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