Internet & WiFi at all cost - even if it harms your Health or Life !

From Twitter (2014-08-04, Mon):

Thabang waga Rabotho ‏@TkRabotho Jul 30

280 schools are benefiting from freewifi in @CityTshwane. Thank you to @MayorOfTshwane for launching #TshwaneWIFIeffect. Education is key!

Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 15m

.@TkRabotho @msizi_myeza @CityTshwane @MayorOfTshwane What BENEFITS??? The cost is their $HEALTH & Well-Being !!! !

Msizi ‏@msizi_myeza

Yo freedom of speech doesn't guarantee yu the right to be listened to-thus Im noting your comment @Geopathology @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane

3:38 PM - 4 Aug 2014

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Reply to @msizi_myeza @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane
Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 7m

@msizi_myeza @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane The Government has a LEGAL OBLIGATION to protect the Health of Citizens, but HARM THEM with #WiFi!

Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 4m

.@msizi_myeza @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane This #FreeWiFi Initiative just a #PUBLICITY #STUNT, #brainwashing the people RUINING THEIR HEALTH!

Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 2m

.@msizi_myeza @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane Remember Einstein? "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is INSANE"

Peter Heindl ‏@Geopathology 1m

.@msizi_myeza @TkRabotho @MayorOfTshwane Where is your #EIA ??? Did you do any #research? - Like contacting countries having banned it?


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