In five years time 50% of the population could be affected by EHS

In five years time 50 percent of the population could be affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Velma Lyrae spends up to 18 hours a day confined to a cage because she is allergic to modern technology. "I used to love going to festivals and experiencing live music, but because everyone has a mobile I can't even go near a gig now".

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe said: "The symptoms of EHS can cover a broad range of systems, often start subtly and can be mistaken for other medical conditions.

"Adults and children today are exposed to very high levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that no life on the planet has ever witnessed before.

"It is no surprise that the numbers of those with EHS and other conditions linked with EMF exposure are rising."

I think it is about time we take the following people to Court:

Minister of Health
Minister of Environment
Minister of Basic Education
Minister of Higher Education
Minister of Communication & CEO of ICASA
Minister of Science & Technology
Minister of Trade & Industry
as well as various Mayors

Charges should include "Fraud against Humanity" and being unconstitutional and "Exposing Citizens to HARMFUL Microwave Radiation, endangering their lives & Well-being", ….. !!

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