How Government sells you out ! - Not YOUR Friend !!!


The South African Government is currently pushing their "National Broadband Policy" Plan, to roll out the so called BROADBAND Internet Access country-wide (on a local,provincial and national level).
- This is all good and well, as South Africa has to play CATCH-UP with a lot of Technology and Infrastructure Improvements, however this does not mean, that we have to be blindfolded and brainwashed to be jumping in and using DANGEROUS UN-tested (premarket release) and UN-safe TECHNOLOGY, which is already causing huge Health Problems and Illnesses in many Overseas Countries.

Albert Einstein once said: "INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".

I say, that "Everyone has to learn History at some stage, however we never seem to be learning anything from that History".

We do not need any dangerous and outdated Technologies, which are causing harm by irradiating everybody in the radius with harmful Microwave radiation - especially in the areas of overlapping radiation (causing double or triple exposure, or more) - when new approaches are already waiting to be released in using safe methods for communications.
But the largest problem is that the current monopolies and powers are not wanting to make any moves to give an inch and divert from the already implemented wireless technologies solely based on using MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGIES (300MHz ~ 300GHz), where as a SAFE STANDING-WAVE TECHNOLOGY is already available to be exploited and used, without any of the harmful effects from the current technologies.

Yet the Industry is progressing to be using more and more Wi-Fi technology, as this technology can be basically implemented - virtually without any restrictions and licensing costs and even offering it FREE to the public, brainwashing them and at the same time glorifying this to be THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the current problems, motivating everyone to get on board and using it.
- NOBODY of the involved stake holders (the Industry and all levels of Government) have ever been telling a single word of CAUTION !!
- Yet they also have never been saying that THIS WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, being used is 100% SAFE either !

Please bring your EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments) and let's have a look what you have been doing so far - in weighing off the PROs and CONs - before spending MILLIONS of Rand to actually HARM the people much more than you can helping them to get ONLINE and access the Internet!

Government Information (public):

- - - You have a LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW !!! - - -

Dear people, please WAKE-UP, the Industry and Government are not your friends, … _

as long as they are MISLEADING & EXPLOITING you, withholding critical information and knowledge about the details of WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY using Microwave radiation.

  1. You do not have to believe me at all - but don't come running later telling me you should have listened earlier!
  2. Trust nobody, but yourself !
  3. Do your own Investigation / Research, on the Internet or by talking to others.
  4. Mainly relying on literature and the press/media is not a good way to start, as they industry will not invest in anything or anywhere where their interests are opposed - e.g.
  5. Read the independent researches - not the industry-funded ones ! (Always check who had done it and their links - to who paid for it.)
  6. You might be totally surprised, on how the TRUTH is covered-up and manipulated !


  • Read the small print and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS and PRECAUTIONS in the Manuals of various WIRELESS DEVICES !!
  • Are you following these BASIC RULES?
  • If you are NOT following these RULE and GUIDELINES, it could have serious effects on your health and well-being and also limit your chances of compensation in case of any claims in PHYSICAL HARM and DAMAGES caused by these used devices, as you are using them either wrongly, or not according to the stipulated GUIDELINES!

Some FACTUAL Info, to get you started:

- - - This is NOT A JOKE !! - It is a very serious Matter of LIFE & DEATH in the end ! - - -