Free Wi-Fi a hit with Pretoria (Tshwane) residents

This response is to the article published on IOL:

It is clearly a total BRAINWASHING EFFORT that makes the Pretoria (Tshwane) Free Wi-Fi such a hit (as is claimed by the Mayor of Pretoria), as people have no idea what this technology actually brings with it.
- Nothing is for FREE, because it will cost your Health and perhaps even your Life.

For a while Wi-Fi has been deemed a Scientific Fraud already, as mobility & convenience is placed above safety and security!
The Safety aspects are all ignored and even covered up - which is criminal. It is like giving somebody the keys to a (racing)car without breaks and letting them drive!
These instigators clearly have no idea what they are in fact doing to the (poor) people - especially the children - they so 'want to help' !!
Forecasts are out about wireless technology that WiFi will kill more people than WW1 and WW2 combined and that within the next 2 years 50% of the population will be EHS! - But I guess this all does not say much to most people reading this - as it does to >93% of South African Medics - who have no idea about EMF & EHS either, so you are not alone !
- All out many warnings are falling on deaf ears and blind eyes, and that since before 1993!

To make the soup even thicker, the media is covering up the whole thing, too - to protect their advertising deals with the industry, as some media have over 60% adverts covering wireless gadgets , contracts, airtime, data and other deals this is just a massive Cover-Up.

Have you already heard about the 190 EMF Scientist's Appeal to the WHO and UN
(inclusive their 193 Member States, of which South Africa is one, too!) ?

- - - Well, that was already on 11 May 2015 !! - - -

About a week later they were 200.
As of 22 June 2015, 206 EMF Scientists signed the Appeal!
As of 18 July 2015, 207 EMF Scientists signed the Appeal!
As of 25 July 2016, 221 EMF scientists signed the Appeal!
As of 22 March 2017, 225 EMF scientists, from 41 nations, have signed the Appeal.
As of 9 November 2017, 236 EMF scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal.
As of 15 March 2018, 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal.
As of 3 July, 2018, 242 EMF scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal.
As of 30 August, 2018, 244 EMF scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal.

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