Fraudsters are busy bombarding unsuspecting Citizens with Microwaves 24/365!!

The City of Pretoria (Tshwane) have just published yesterday, that …

Tshwane Free WiFi, now known as Free TshwiFi, has seen over 1.4 milliom unique devices connecting through the network, growing by 328% since inception in 2013.
There are currently 776 WiFi zones in Tshwane, resulting in the TshwiFi being the largest public WiFi network in Africa according to reserach from BMI-TechKnowledge, they mayor said. “We’re conquering Africa and going beyond,” he went on.

They are glorifying WiFi, which is actually a solid Scientific Fraud, never even been tested for safe use around Humans, Animals and Plants alike!

What they are doing is against our Constitution and is a Crime against Humanity as stated in the Nuremberg Code

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