Dumping Sewage is Criminal Offence! - Microwave Radiation is not ?

Dumping of Sewage at Cape Town Airport is a Criminal Offence:

Dumping of Sewage (everyone can see and smell) at Cape Town Airport is a Criminal Offence and violates Air Traffic Control Regulations, however irradiating & blasting 100% of the people with Microwave Radiation (which cannot be seen, smelled, heard or felt [until it is too late]) on a 24/365 basis, for which there are no known Safety Levels in considered LEGAL ??!

- The Jail Terms for the offenders could be up to 15 Years, when found guilty !

Irradiating people (the unsuspecting public) by Microwave Radiation from Wi-Fi (with unknown Safety Limits) on the other hand is deemed LEGAL !

I just want to puke ! - In fact I cannot eat as much as I'd like to puke !!

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