Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts That Suggest, Probably Not

December 19, 2014 4:55 PM
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Most of us have heard the often alarming claim that cell phones may cause cancer. However, while many focus on the cancer part of the statement, few pay attention to the perhaps more important word: may. To be fair, there has never been any definitive proof that cell phones cause any illness, much less cancer, and those at Healthcare Triage have put together an excellent compilation of facts to show that, at the end, your cell phone is most probably not going to give you cancer.

As shown on Healthcare Triage’s YouTube video, one of the biggest factors in the claim that cell phone use may cause cancer is the fact that cell phones emit radiation. While this is true, the form of radiation that cell phones emit is nonionizing radiation. This is the same form emitted from microwave ovens and radar. Unlike the ionized radiation used in x-ray machines, there has been no research to show that noniodized radiation causes cancer. Nonionizing radiation is far too weak to break DNA and therefore would cause minimal, if any, bodily harm.

The second key fact that those at Healthcare Triage pointed out was the unreliability of these studies, which has previously shown this “unconfirmed” link. These studies have been case-control studies. Unfortunately, these are one of the weaker types of studies researchers can perform and are incapable of proving any causation.

It’s been estimated by the World Health Organization that three billion people use cell phones. Of course, there are going to be cell phone users who develop cancer, but unlike lung cancer and cigarettes, the minute size of the cell phone use cancer risk suggests that it’s hardly worth losing much sleep over.

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