2014-09-21 CapeTalk567 - Owen Simons Interview on EMF/EMR/EMP with Peter Heindl (IFG-sa)

Owen Simons interviewing Peter Heindl (IFG-sa) about:

  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
  • Electromagnetic Pollution (EMP)

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My reaction to Don, a retired electrical engineer (from Simon's Town)

I have no idea at all why Don is attacking me. I made no mistake stating the facts, clearly.
What I said and what he heard, must be to different things, which is worry-some. I never even mentioned "60Hz".
I am aware (since 1973) that we are using 50Hz in South Africa, just not 100% sure about the railway's frequency, which might be 16,6Hz or 33.3Hz.
- I am only responsible for what I say and not for what people hear and understand.
An AC Sine Wave of 50Hz completes 50 cycles per second.
Each of these consists of a POSITIVE and a NEGATIVE PHASE where the current flows in the one direction for half the time and in the other direction the other half of the time. Thus changing twice per complete cycle. 2x 50 is 100, at least for me !!

Don's comparison of microwave radiation with the sun's radiation sure is an interesting one, but it is not as a valued comparison, due to the fact that life on Earth has evolved with the sun present and we can cope with the type of radiation that comes from the sun — about 1.4kW/m2 outside the Earth's atmosphere — and after all this is still filtered through the Earth's atmosphere.
This has been like that for millions of years.
However the current levels of the average background radiation and magnetic pollution on Earth has increased over a few Million times over the last 60 years and there is still no end in sight and communication companies are still pushing new frequency bands like crazy.

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