2014-08-27 Wi-Fi Roll-out in Western Cape

The Free WiFi Roll-out in the Western Cape is NOT FOR FREE at all, as it will COST people's HEALTH !!
- People are just brainwashed into believing these LIES, by the Industry and Government Departments (National,Provincial & Local) alike, even the DA is joining in, now !

Everything else is a LIE and Brainwashing into believing WiFi is the ultimate goal to the Internet!

It looks like Politicians are trying to win favours from the public and recognitions, by implementing FREE Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is just like SMOKING - everyone in the area is affected, whether you are actively taking part (as user) or are just a by-stander (as non-user)!

The Implementation of Wi-Fi is automatically making every inhabitant a Guinea Pig of the WIRELESS INDUSTRY and is forcing them (yes, call it RAPE!!) to take part (willingly or unwillingly - without written consent) in World's largest Experiment - which is not only a Human Rights Violation, but also Child Abuse for anyone below the age of 21 !
- Cell Phone Radiation, especially form Cellphone Towers is not as dangerous than Wi-Fi, but with the usage of 4G and using multiple antennas in devices, this is no longer true,m as radiation doubles compared to 3G.

Get the real Facts:

Did you know that your Microwave Oven is using the very same frequency as your Wi-Fi ??

  • This is a frequency at 2.4GHz, or 2.45 GHz to be exact.
  • Seeing that your body is about 75% water is really frightening, as frequencies at 2.4GHz are exciting water molecules to vibrate at that frequency and are actively disturbing the natural rhythms of your body's own (self healing) mechanisms, which will be causing all kinds of problems and wakening the Immune System from protecting your body effectively, so a whole string of UNKNOWN ILLNESSES will creep in. Most of these your medic, will never even suspect to be caused by this Electromagnetic Pollution you are exposed to, as they are not even trained in that field.
  • Having been actively involved for over 21.5 years in exactly this area, with many direct contacts to world's most high-ranking researchers in exactly this field, and having been in the Communications industry myself for almost 15 years, I know exactly what I am saying here and be it that the industry will just add another COVER-UP, they are still LYING through their teeth and the gullible politicians would do anything to be in the lime light and favourites by the masses, regardless if that is really helping the country or actually DESTROYING it !
  • After the damages are cause, all the politicians are running away, leaving the country and people alone with their misjudgements, problems and damages caused and enjoy their 'well deserved' pension.

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WAKE-UP South Africa !!!

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