Radio702: 2014-08-01 (09:14) - Redi Tlhabi's Call Screener put down phone in my ear

In reaction to the Radio702 Call Screener of the Redi Tlhabi show putting the phone down in my ear.
- The Audio Clip will be uploaded and made available later !

As posted on various Facebook pages and Twitter:

Hello @RediTlhabi, @Radio702 @CapeTalk567 @Lead_SA
CC @PresidencyZA @HealthZA @MRCza @PublicProtector


Why did your 'Call Screener' just put down the phone in my ear, after you explicitly asked us to call with ANYTHING on our hearts that cannot wait until Monday !!!
- You are just hypocrats & 'handlangers' to #CRIME by [#Warfare] #Microwave #Radiation (WiFi and other) !!!
- Don't make yourself giuilty to Child Abuse, too!

- - - WAKE-UP, NOW !!! - - -

WiFi in homes, offices, cities and even worse in Schools is a Human Righs Violation and a CRIME against Humanity - far worse than SMOKING & ALCOHOL combined !!

Kind regards
Peter Heindl
Geopathologist & Environmental Health Expert

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