Some doctors are charging thousands of rands for simple procedures


Yusuf Abraamjee: (via Twitter)

Some doctors are charging thousands of rands for simple procedures. #Motsoaledi says it's worrying. I agree. Something needs to be done.

Our Response:

Dear Minister of Health (and ILLNESS) :

… THESE are just a few complaints I hear from my own patients, after they quit going to see doctors and have gone COMPLEMENTARY and ALTERNATIVE !!

… and some other doctors are treating patients with very extensive treatments and expensive procedures - even WHEN THERE ARE CHEAP/AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS available, to get to the SOURCE of the actual PROBLEM !!!
- We can HELP:

Yes as long as this is not mainstream, they are NOT INTERESTED and Medical Aid Insurance will not pay, even though they could save TEN to HUNDRED thousands of Rand !!

In the meantime patients and their whole families are continuing to be suffering …
- So sad !!! -
Also see: 'Blunt Tools':

Why is the Minister worrying, and does not want to see me?
We could solve many problems together …
- TAKE IT or LEAVE IT - but don't complain afterwards - YOU have been WARNED !

Give or take, the the victim is mostly the patient.
Just wonder HOW LONG STILL?

Kind regards