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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

What you have to know before you buy and use a Cellular Telephone !


What if …

… your Government (inclusive the Minister of Health) does not tell you !!

… your Cell Phone Provider does not tell you !!

… your Medical Doctor most likely has not even heard of and/or does not tell you either !!

… the World Health Organisation (WHO) does not have stricter warnings and regulations !!

… the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) does not tell and support you enough either !!

You might think your options are up. — No, not quite, we are still here !

… and we will give you …



WARNING - Cell Phone Radiation is very dangerous!! — Watch video

Direct Link: |WARNING - Cell Phone Radiation is very dangerous watch video

Uploaded on 23 Jan 2012, by: B3Labsllc

http://www.b3survivalguide.com click link to left - Urgent Warning this shocking video exposes everything about the dangers of cell phone radiation. Everyone who uses a cell phone is at risk and you should know these urgent facts. The World Health Organization "WHO" released warnings in 2011 linking cell phones to cancer. The country of India population 900,000,000 people is now forcing cell phone manufacturers to list how much radiation is being produced by the cell phones. This website explains everything in more detail

Danger Of Cell Phone Use (Radiation Meters) Home Radiation Protection

Direct Link: Danger Of Cell Phone Use (Radiation Meters) Home Radiation Protection

Published on 6 Jul 2012, by: emfnews

Danger Of Cell Phone Use (Radiation Meters)

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The ever-increasing Wireless Communications are a real Onslaught on (y)our Health and Well-being !!!

Wireless Communication needs far more RESEARCH

The Factual Truth about WiFi
the FCC replies to Barrie Trower

Table of Contents

60 Years of Electromagnetic Radiation Research, summarized in just 90 minutes:

Before you look any further, I think you should take a look at the following website:

► RESONANCE - Beings of Frequency ◄ - wins ‘best documentary’ award. (2012-12-19)

United States - FREQUENCY ALLOCATIONS - The Radio Spectrum:

- If you still think this is no problem, please have a look at WHAT IS ACTUALLY BOMBARDING US 24/7, or should I rather say 24/365 !!

Findings of the Researchers:

Technical Information on Wireless Technology

Wireless Power Transmission (Demo)


Cross References:



All the above can finally cause SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS, like Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS), which is directly linked to many other Health Issues - and this list is still growing continuously !!

This is no fantasy, but the serious reality !!


Internet References:

► Barbara Makota: Proof of physical harm by wireless technology ◄

Barbara Makota: Proof of physical harm by wireless technology

► Killing Trees With Wireless EMFs Will Allow Solar EMFs to Cook The Planet. What will Grow? ◄

** Killing Trees With Wireless EMFs Will Allow Solar EMFs to Cook The Planet. What will Grow?

► Cellphones can cause HOTSPOTS in the brain of up to 100°C ◄

** Killing Trees With Wireless EMFs Will Allow Solar EMFs to Cook The Planet. What will Grow?

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EMF/EMR Reference List

Related Information: (On this website)

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Table of Contents

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  • Video: The Electromagnetic Spectrum incl. Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Electro-Magnetic Pollution
    Very well explained. Everyone can understand this !!!


EU Parliament (2012-03-18):

Cellphones are added to list of potential risks for cancer, by the WHO - (31 May 2011)

YouTube Videos on RADIATION:

Geopathic Stress Reference List

Related Information: (On this website)

Internet Searches:


We are all EMR Guinea Pigs !!!

We are all EMR Guinea Pigs !!!

Published on 2 Apr 2012 by minivanjack

A global "Smart Grid" program is being implemented which is blasting homes and businesses with more electromagnetic radiation than human beings have ever been subject to in human history. It is utterly preposterous to assume this will not lead to major human epidemics.

We must now face the very serious problem that the institutions, government, corporations and foundations, that are supposed to be serving our interests are deliberately violating, exploiting, endangering and assaulting us.

This video exposes electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as a major danger and violation to all current and future generations.

Sponsored by FreedomTaker (d'o't'c'o'm)

More Videos are available at:


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