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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

Preventative Maintenance is the name of the game, in so many facets of our life, starting with industrial machinery of all kinds and a very well looked-after and pampered car, however when it comes to ones HEALTH and WELL-BEING, most people could not really care what is going on there, some even claiming they have a medical scheme.
There must be a much firmer grip and support on the word HEALTH MAINTENANCE, and largely the government and the medical aid companies have to be blamed for this, too. There are no real incentives either.

How about an real ACCIDENT PREVENTION campaign, like it is seen for the road accident prevention campaign.
This in the end, could save the medical aid plans lot's of money in REPAIRS and DAMAGES to restore health.
After all a well oiled and maintained car will also not break down so easily and if, the damages will mostly be minor.
Yes PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE for a HEALTHY LIFE (into old age!) is possible and hereby I do not only mean CANCER SCREENING, it would have to start well before this stage. What about incentives for leading a more healthy lifestyle altogether. Most of you most likely might agree that healthy life starts afresh every morning, at least at the breakfast table. Here a sentence from the COMPUTER WORLD springs to mind - the GIGO-rule, to be more exact.

GIGO = "Garbage In, Garbage Out!"

… in other words "You are what you eat!!' - and nobody else can be blamed for what you are eating and drinking, but yourself.

I am now going a step further … :

A healthy life starts afresh even before the morning comes round, hence the crux of the matter is focusing around a HEALTHY SLEEP, giving the body enough time to REPAIR all the damages and onslaughts of the past day, and to recharge the energy for the next tasks on hand coming up the next day. If this is not possible the body will go backwards - day by day - and will show the damages as soon as it can no longer compensate for the short-falls.

If it has to be that we have to change the persception of thinking and implementing a HEALTHY LIFESYILE, well then, it will have to be just that!
The public - and the medical industry (this also includes the governments) - will just have to wake up before we are all blindly stumbling into a huge pandemic of a series of very serious problems.

Eventially - after how many years of battelling the serious causes of SMOKING, it was targeted, when it was found it did have an HEALTH IMPACT. Well let me say you have not seen anything yet, as the next problem is by far greater than the SMOKING ISSUE ever was. Normally where there is a smoke there is a fire, but with RADIATION, there is no smoke, there is nothing to be seen either (except for the ugly cell towers and other transmission equipment) and there is no smell either, there also is no noise (except for some ringing in the ears perhaps - already a long time effect … of it ), but thus there is an even greater potential to get SICK, as RADIATION tackles ALL THE CELLS (all form of life) it comes in to 'contact' with, likewise and the chain of the body's interactions will break at its weakest link. This is mostly - let me re-phrase this - ALWAYS, the spot where the RADIATION* is influencing the body of the specific person. (See: Investigation, for more details on this.)
Many Millions of money could be saved if proper care would be taken!
It is very sad to see that OUR MODERN TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES are much more HARMFUL to us then we ever could imagine possible.
- I could basically say:


… like I have done on radio a while ago.

This might all still look like a storm in a tea cup to you and all silly and laughable !!
However this (hopefully) though-provoking article makes some of your realize what the oncoming battle will be looking like.
So, go out and promote HEALTHY LIVING as far as possible - if we have destroyed our environment it will come back and not only hit us right between the eyes, but then it is already just seconds before 12 o'clock !
- Taking the bull by the horns while it is small is much better that waiting for it to grow up and become vicious!

Let me just prove my point that our highly technological world is the down-fall of humanity:

How many telephone numbers do you still remember? Well, just try writing 10 of them down!
If you don't have your quick dial feature handy you are TOTALLY LOST!
Most people canno longer do the basic mathematics either and are heavily relying on the calculator and computer.
They are at the total mercy of these things and would not even notice if the result of their calculations is way out.

So far for now!

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