REKORD 2012-11-02 'Metro dra die kostes'

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Using Wi-Fi Technology is Thalidomide in the making - a real Genocide and Scientific Fraud !!

'Metro dra die kostes'

Oh YES ! - All the costs ???
What about the HEALTH ISSUES that have sprouted from the use us such 'Smart Meters' overseas?? - Will the City Councils just write it all off as COLLATERAL DAMAGE? - Is THAT how much they actually CARE for YOU?? !

— Lees hierdie artikel in AFRIKAANS.

REKORD Article:


WARNINGS about Prepaid Electricity Meters (with RF circuitry) and 'Smart Meters':

Various City Councils are busy rolling out Pre-Paid Meters (the so called 'Smart Meters').
However these meters are NOT as SMART as is intended, since they are utilising either WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY (via Cellphone Towers) or SUPERIMPOSING DATA STREAMS on top of the power lines - which are all pollution your HOMES and OFFICES with 'Dirty Electricity' (classified as Electro-Magnetic Pollution).

Technology used:

These technologies are already causing HUGE HEALTH EFFECTS around the globe, where people are complaining from headaches, dizziness to severe problems, like heart arrhythmia (uneven heart beats) and even heart problems, due to the strong fields of ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RADIATION

- Having just read the article "Metro dra die koste" as published in REKORD North (Friday, November 2, 2012; page 5), I am wondering who will in fact pay for all the consequential damages to the citizen's HEALTH ??? Or will that all be written of as "COLLATERAL DAMAGES"

Make a STAND, before it is too late !!

We don't have to take everything lying down and being forced down our throught either, as we have a CONSTITUTION, that should take care of such things, however THIS does NOT mean that ALL THIS goes automatically.
We have to unite and stand together, or fall together !!
This is crucial, as the problem is also affecting YOU, if your neighbours are installing such devices.


Further more, this technology not only has huge HEALTH IMPLICATIONS, it also has a huge SECURITY PROBLEM, as as is already eminent from many overseas countries, where this technology had been implemented and is now being removed by court orders.

The SECURITY ISSUES are numerous, as hackers can actually tap into the system and 'steal' various things there:

  • USAGE INFORMATION (how you are consuming your electricity)
  • ELECTRICITY CREDITS (from your account)

You might think that the USAGE INFORMATION is not as relevant, but it is. Criminals can actually monitor your ELECTRICITY USAGE, from where ever they are and look when the usage drops. That is when you are on HOLIDAY !! This would be the ideal time for them to go out, break into your home and empty it!

So please THINK TWICE, before implementing any TECHNOLOGY like that.

— — — You have been WARNED !! — — —

Smart Meters tell all the SECRETS about you !!!

You don't have to believe me, but you would better believe the people, who are already EXPERIENCING THESE PROBLEMS !!!

CRIMINALS no longer need to stake out a home or a business to monitor the inhabitants' comings and goings. Now they can simply pick up wireless signals broadcast by the building's utility meters.
Wireless Meters tell snoopers when you are not home

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