Youth Day 2014 (2014-06-16)

What is YOUTH DAY all about ??

- Yes, people are still looking back to 1976 !!

However we should be looking FORWARD, we should not loose track of what is actually going on and take everything for the 'claimed' FACE VALUE it appears to be or is made up to be.
What I mean here is "TECHNOLOGY AT ALL COST".

The people pushing this technology either have NO IDEA about the CONSEQUENCES at all of are introducing it with a sinister meaning behind it !
What I do mean here is it is introduced wilfully, to destroy the people using it and in fact everybody in the area.
At the end MONEY IS THE RULE OF THE GAME anyway !

In this case TECHNOLOGICAL BRAINWASHING about what you can do with it and how 'nice' and 'convenient' it all is …
We have to OPEN OUR EYES very wide and see what the actual underlying DANGERS of it all are we are being faced with. Only then we have educated ourselves about the PRO's and CON's of it all can we actually make an educated choice!

What I mean here is the UNDENIABLE FACT, that Governments (supported by Industry) - all around the globe - are on a road of DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN of Society — and South Africa is no exception …