World Environment Day (2013-06-04)


Why is it so important to care for the ENVIRONMENT ?

… because it does not look so neat/cool when the whole world is full of papers and other rubbish?

NO, WRONG, that's just cosmetics, but the actual effect lies far deeper … like what is happening to all these TOXIC MATERIALS that are scattered all over the show !!
Even a thrown away PLASTIC BAG could cause havoc in the end, as it would not deteriorate and eventually land up in the sea … and cause real HAVOC with the sea animals who mistake this as FOOD !

Another very important thing, we have to be very aware of by now - but seemingly NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES about - until they are on the suffering end of the line ….
this is called ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, which has become many 1000 TIMES more over the last 20 years alone, bombarding the ENVIRONMENT 24/365, by bathing us all in the constant eSmog of all the RADIATION which is affecting us all and the life around us.
Just stand still and LOOK at the world around us/yourself. Look careful, to actually see what is going on. When the bees and other important animals are actually dying and the butterflies too. Since bees are very important in the line of food production this is a real (man-made) CRISIS !!!

Well how many more FACTS do you actually need to WAKE UP ?

Complaining about bad reception for your WIRELESS CONNECTION has direct implications to how many transmission towers and users there are.
Do you actually switch your device OFF when you don't need it any longer?
- That includes your WIRELESS LAN (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
- Does your ADSL Router actually stay ON 24/7 or 24/365 whether you are using it or not - especially at night time, when everyone is a sleep in the home. Yes, this is the MOST CRITICAL TIME, as it has an effect on your body, as the body does not get the deserves night rest, to repair the damages that occurred during the last 24 hours. When this is not done properly there are more damages done than there are problems corrected and after a while this may lead to serious SHORT FALLS some where in the body and later even irreparable damages and genetic mutation problems, too.

Please beware and also do your own research to read up on some research materials published around the world and if you do not have the time to do that, at least watch the following prize-crowned video. This is an information packed 90 MINUTES documentary, which gives you an overview over the last 60 years of scientific research and is very well put together, so even lay people can understand it.
RESONANCE - Beings of Frequency

The only problem for the ordinary people might be the amount of new information coming their way to grasp it all at once. Nobody expects that from you, just watch the video again after a few days and you will see that you pick up more and more things and it all will make sense in the end.
I have been aware of over 85% of the things presented in this video and have been teaching most of this over the last 20 YEARS already, but people just do not want to listen - that's why we have come to where we are standing now.

- If we are not waking up soon and DEMAND a GLOBAL REDUCTION OF RADIATION LEVELS we will destroy ourselves !
- Best would be to TOTALLY DO AWAY with all this WIRELESS RADIATION altogether!
Yes it is possible to use another WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY already emerging WITHOUT ALL THE negative effects of the current MICROWAVE RADIATION as is in use at the moment.
- Wait and see, but just don't wait too long …

We have been here for the public and the medics for the past 20 YEARS and will still be here to support you in the future, too.

Now, please have a lovely INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT WEEK and please go out and be more ENVIRONMENT OBSERVANT - at least for this week!
Have a lovely week!