Open Letter to the Public Protector (2014-10-10)
WHO: World Mental Health Day (2014-10-10)

This Open Letter will delayed, but be available online, before the end of this day (2014-10-10) !

Well, TIME IS UP, so here it goes …
— More than enough time given to respond!!

Open Letter to the Public ProtectorMonday, 2014-10-20 (18:00) :

Let's see how long it takes now, to get any response out of the "Public Protector" and let's see how serious they take their "JOB" - protecting the PUBLIC, after all !

Dear Public Protector, Adv. Thuli Madonsela

my patients has now been totally overstretched, as this problem is an ongoing matter already since before Christmas 2013. Certain people in your office, like your PA, who never reply to any of my emails or returns phone calls. Most of they time they are not even in the office!
It look like they are not interested in what they are supposed to be doing and also that they are withholding important and crucial information from you, so let me suggest that you get rid of them – the sooner the better!!
– We do not need more COVER-UPS as what there are already!

This country is in a SERIOUS CRISIS and I think you could not, but agree with me on this one, as you can see it for yourself just looking at all the investigations you have to do on corruption alone!!

I think I have made it more than clear in my telephone calls, leaving messages and making them URGENT and also telling that it is a Matter of LIFE & DEATH on several occasions - only yesterday, again!!
I have done my fair share and now I am waiting for your response to when you (and the top structure of the Public Protector) could see me for a 2 hour meeting that will open your eyes and ears to what I want to bring across for the last 10+ months!

Further more I had also dropped off two DVDs, filled to the brim with critical information, for yourself and another officer in your ranks, who I am not naming here, as yet.
I have never even received a note that you have even received these DVDs or any comment about its contents. If I would have thrown the DVDs in the garbage I would have had the same response. This is very sad indeed.
- What is going on at the Public Protector? Who is intercepting these informations?
Please enlighten me about this? Looks like from all the workload you do not even have a few minutes to sit back and have a look what else is going on and affecting the whole nation!
- OK, then I will issue a complaint for each and everyone of the problems I want to have discussed with you first, so it can increase your workload even more. Perhaps this is the only way I can get any response from your office.

Having been called a “bloody immigrant” virtually since arriving in this country, I can with a clear conscience say, that I have much more interest in bringing South Africa forward than most South Africans have for their own country and have already given up hope long ago !!

I can even raise this bar - and freely state - that I also care more about this country and its people, than most Government Employees and even the Ministers, who's duty it is to support the country, people and be truthful, protect and uphold - the so called - Constitution of this country. Yet, what some of them are doing is totally out of line. They are still trampling the Constitution with feet and are raping it and its people alike – almost on a daily basis! Even as sworn-in Members of Parliament !
It is a total and utter disgrace how they are parading us people and the whole country on

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the Stage of the International Political Circus.

Many Departments and Ministers make themselves CRIMINALLY LIABLE for the damages they are causing to people and country in the mismanagement and wastage of money for useless things, instead of supporting the people in an orderly and proper way uplifting them and their infrastructure in a proper way, yet they get off the hook every time.

I know it is not your job to look how they do their jobs, but it could be your job tomorrow, after I pot in all my claims, to do so !! (About 25 to 30 of them, perhaps even more!)

Please do not brush this eMail / letter aside, yet again, as I will not hesitate 1 second in
publishing, as it is here, on the Internet as Open Letter to the Public Protector !

I will make sure you also get it by hand, as I will deliver it to your Front Desk personally, as soon as it is complete and will make sure somebody signs for it, who can then to be held liable, just in case you did not get this letter, yet again.

Kind regards

Peter Heindl (Signature)
Peter Heindl
Institute for Geopathology SA
Tel.: 012 546-5651
Cell: 084 657-4774
eMail: ten.xmg|as-GFI#ten.xmg|as-GFI / moc.liamg|AZ.asGFI#moc.liamg|AZ.asGFI

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