Open Letter to the Minister of Health (2011-07-15)


The Hon. Minister of Health
Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi,

Dear Hon. Minister of Health , Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi

herewith I regret having to in form you - in this way - as I am SICK and TIRED (no pun intended) of waiting for a reply from your office in this matter, as it is exactly 5 MONTHS today, since I have sent my very first eMail to your office, asking for a meeting with you.
However since 2011-02-15 until 2011-07-15 there was no forthcoming communication in this matter from your office.

Should you not have seen or have been informed about this, you should speedily look for new office staff, who do not with-hold important information from you.
If you have however seen this information and have not seen it worthwhile to answer, you should hide your head in shame, if this is the way you react to a request from the public, you are supposed to HELP.

Looking at the governing style of the ANC-ruled government, I see that "Ignorance Reigns" … pun intended !!

I will not disclose the details in this first open letter, as yet and urge you to invite me, so that we can talk about the matters, as indicated in my last 4 plus 3 eMails requests (to two different persons on your staff) as well as over 3 telephone calls to them.

THANKING you in advance - and still waiting to finally meeting you, I remain

Kind regards
Peter Heindl
Geopathologist / Therapeutic Reflexologist
Institute for Geopathology SA

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The above letter was sent to the Ministry of Health, as is, in an attached PDF document in an eMail (2011-07-18, 16:22)
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Meeting Date:
Finally, after about 9 months, I had a meeting of just short of an hour at the Ministry/Department of Health, on Friday, 25 November 2011, between 10:00 and 11:00, even if it was not with the Minister himself.
This was an opportunity for a discussion and to put my information across.
Hopefully there will be follow up meetings or at least a better flow of information.
Hopefully there will be a better understanding of the importance of Geopathology in the Health Field.

THANK YOU again for your time.