Message for the Mayor of Johannesburg


Dear Mr. Mayor, Clr Mpho Parks Tau,

having been in the City you are supposed to be in charge of, to the Africa Health 2012 Expo at NASREC today, I could have saved at lest 40 min of time and the petrol used for the detour, had the proper ''NASREC'' SIGN BOARDS been available to decently direct visitors to the correct place!
I though we just had World Cup 2012 here! But things can change quickly !! Well, then the SIGNS must have been STOLEN already and SOLD FOR SCRAP !!!

Does the JHB City have a blog, where I can post my grievances, too - or is it OK to just post it on HelloPeter .com ;-)

Looks like the only time things ARE IN FACT WORKING WELL, is when there are various NAMES to be changed in Jhb (like Pta for that matter) !!!

I should actually send you an invoice for the time wasted unnecessarily and extra expenditures.

Kinds regards