'Human Rights' Day 2013-03-21 (Open Letter to Government)
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Press Release / Open Letter

Message for 'Human Rights Day' 2013-03-21

To whom it may concern

Dear President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma
Dear Public Protector, Adv. Thuli Madonsela
Dear National Consumer Commission (NCC), Mr Ebrahim Mohamed
Dear Minister in the Presidency (NDP), Mr. Trevor Manuel
Dear Minister of Health, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi
Dear Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Mrs. Edna Molewa
Dear Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Derek Hanekom
Dear Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson
Dear Minister of Communication, Ms Dina Deliwe Pule
The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)
Dear Minister of Basic Education, Mrs. Angie Motshekga
Dear Minister of Higher Education & Training, Dr Bonginkosi Emmanuel "Blade" Nzimande
Dear Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Rob Davies
Dear Minister of Police, Mr. Nathi Mthethwa
Dear Minister of Human Settlements, Mr Tokyo Mosima Gabriel Sexwale
Dear Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan
Dear Ministers of South Africa
Dear Mayors of South Africa
Dear (City/Town) Councillors of South Africa
The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa, COO, Alison Louw
The Press, Radio and TV
Dear Citizens and Friends of South Africa


For as long as the Constitution is trampled with feet and raped on a daily basis, there are NO Human Rights in South Africa, ever!!
- While almost everyone is 'celebrating' "Human Rights Day", today, most of the people are still SUFFERING BIG TIME !!

Only Hypocrites can 'celebrate' the so called 'Human Rights Day' !!
In the meantime Government is STILL going on with BIG TIME Human Rights Violations anyway !!!
- However only few people realise this!

No, I am NOT celebrating, today, as there are NO Human Rights in South Africa, to be 'celebrated' about!
It's ALL JUST FOR SHOW, nothing real - and just Brain-Washing the people !!!

I know I am going to make many enemies now, but hopefully I will gain even more friends and supporters, who take up the FIGHT for THE HONEST TRUTH and their OWN HUMAN RIGHTS, too !

The Minister of Health, is currently fighting SMOKING (TOBACCO) and DRINKING (ALCOHOL) with all his might, instead of looking and curbing the actual and real PROBLEMS that are affecting ALL citizens in South Africa, whether they like it or NOT or whether they have given their CONSENT or NOT !! - Everything is just STEAM-ROLLED !!!

- This is all against our CONSTITUTION, that is TRAMPLED ON and RAPED daily, by Ministers and the Government alike!

► Toxic Waste in Tap Water: ◄

Starting by pouring TOXIC WASTE (Fluoride) down all SA citizens' throats is said to help prevent TOOTH DECAY
- That's a TOTAL HOAX, a LIE and even HEALTH FRAUD and unconstitutional !!
- I wished the Minister of Health (and DEATH) would actually be taken to court for that!

- There are many SOUND & FACTUAL EVIDENCES showing that Fluoride is HIGHLY TOXIC, regardless of how much or how little is actually used in the Fluoridation Process - taken the fact that just one 100ml tube of toothpaste could actually kill 2 toddlers if ingested, should be enough.


For more Information see:


► Hydraulic Fracturing / "Fracking"

Truth About Fracking - Wes Wilson (Part 2 of 4)

Truth About Fracking - Wes Wilson (Part 2 of 4)

Published on 10 Jan 2013

Retired EPA engineer Wes Wilson and retired Bureau of Reclamation official Phil Doe were invited to Colorado Springs to share their knowledge about drilling and hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking). Public interest was so great not everyone wishing to attend could be accommodated, so we're sharing video of the event here. This is Part two of four parts. This video is courtesy of GrowthBusters. To find out about other events and happenings related to this issue, please visit https://www.facebook.com/FrackBusters

► Unnatural & Toxic Food and Produce: ◄


I like the professor in this video, who said it is like buying a brand new (petrol) car and running it on DIESEL - you will not get very far !
This is what happens when you eat GMO Foods.
It caused BT TOXINS !!!

Actual Health Problems are far greater than most 'Specialists' are admitting:

The HEALTH SCARE is much greater than pointed out:
However, I specifically did not even touch on many other problems like the FOOD we eat - or the POISONS in it that we are FORCED TO EAT, and many other problems, like GMOs / GM-Foods and others !

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs Trailer & Testimonials

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs Trailer & Testimonials

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie

Be warned!
- Please don't GAMBLE WITH YOUR HEALTH !!!

Also see:

►►► The LARGEST HEALTH TREATS, are however bombarding us on a 24h/365.25 day's basis: ◄◄◄

Further more there is the LARGEST HEALTH TREAT of them all … and we are all EXPOSED to it on a 24/365 basis whether we/you like it or NOT !! - How can this be CONSTITUTIONAL, it is a Human Rights VIOLATION !!!

- After all the CONSTITUTION was written to protect the citizens of South Africa.
As long as THESE GOINGS-ON ARE IN FORCE the Constitution is NOT worth the paper it is written on and just a mere GIMMICK of the politicians, out there to pull even more WOOL-OVER-OUR-EYES, deceiving us further!

Message from Susan Foster, Member of IEMFA to the WHO

Electromagnetic Pollution/RADIATION:

Electromagnetic Pollution/RADIATION is a WORLD-WIDE ONSLAUGHT on people's minds, to manipulate, control and decimate them !
Also see:

Then also have a LOOK on how many ILLNESSES Electromagnetic Pollution/RADIATION has a direct or indirect INFLUENCE …

- Yes, THIS IS SCARY - but it is ONLY the tip of the iceberg!!!

Prepaid & Postpaid Meters / 'Smart' Meters ◄ - the REAL TRUTH !

The (Local) Government's latest Onslaught on all our HEALTH as well as Human Rights is the installation of so called 'Prepaid' Electricity and/or Water Meters - which are actually ''Smart'' Meters.
However the actual FUNCTIONS of these devices are kept SECRET, as they are not just stupid Prepaid Meters, but sophisticated electronic devices monitoring your every move in your home - to what is going on - on your electricity line, which are all monitored (collected and reported back to the authorities).
And if you are using other ''Smart'' Devices (like Fridges, Deep Freezers, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Geysers, Pool Pumps, TVs, perhaps even Lamps! and others), it will also track what Make, Model of the other devices you have in your home and when these are switched ON or OFF - it is a real SPYING DEVICE - right in your own home !! - A Heaven for Hackers and Burglars !!

On the other hand these said ''Smart'' Meters also have high HEALTH IMPLICATIONS !!!
Overseas countries, where these monitoring devices have been installed, have already reported various HEALTH PROBLEMS - some even within just 14 days after installation !!

- Please find out THE REAL FACTS about these devices and make an EDUCATED decision and inform your neighbours, as it is very serious. When you decline the installation, but your Neighbour would install such a ''Smart'' Meter, you would still get a certain amount of Electromagnetic Pollution fight into your home, too. If you install a ''Smart'' Meter you are not only polluting your own home, but also those of your Neighbours !! It is worse than having a Cell Phone Tower in your own home !!

Are you still believing and trusting the Government BLINDLY?
- First inform yourself, then you can TALK about it, too:

Wireless LAN & Internet in Schools:

School Children & Human Rights - or the VIOLATIONS there of !!
Implementing Wi-Fi / W-LAN / Wireless LAN (using wireless [Tablet] Computers) in Schools on its own is a Human Rights Violation to the Scholars and Teachers, too!

Wireless LAN & Internet at the Workplace:

- The very same goes for workers on the work place, where Wireless LAN is implemented and also for every home that has a Wi-Fi Installation, comprising of Router, Computer, Printer, IP-Cams, Keyboard, Mouse and whatever other Wi-Fi (2.45 GHz Device or BlueTooth for that matter) us used!
- Wi-Fi Signals can travel quite far. If the neighbour installs Wi-Fi, it is highly likely it will penetrate at least 1/2 way into your home, too. If you do have Wi-Fi in your home, just dare to do a test and see how many foreign Wi-Fi access points you can actually pick up, besides your own?

Wireless LAN & Internet on Aeroplanes ("In-Flight Wi-Fi"):

Of all the above Wi-Fi Installations the In-Flight Wi-Fi, as is currently offered by Fly-Mango (together with G-Connect and Vodacom) is still the most dangerous (never mind the SMOKING and DRINKING problems - even when combined), as you do not only get the FULL BLAST of RADIATION from the many antennas of the AP (Access Points) nicely hidden away in the aeroplane, but also from each and every device of each actual wireless user, whether linked/connected to the system or not!

This is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE and MADNESS - a real Human Rights VIOLATION.
- The Carrier would actually have to have a Form Of Consent for each and every traveller to sign, explaining the actual and TRUE FACTS about (untested and unsafe - biologically incompatible) TECHNOLOGIES, on entering the aeroplane, as they are currently using it!
- Hopefully they are paying heaps in Danger Pay to their staff and they have a good insurance, like the Cell Phone Companies, as there will be Health Issues coming very soon - it is only a matter of TIME.

Who is going to PAY for all the DAMAGES caused by these above untested and unsafe technologies ???
- Or is every man/woman on his/her own yet again?
The Industry will yet again say there are "No conclusive evidences of it causing any illnesses", as usual, but they will NEVER SAY "IT IS TOTALLY SAFE" - or even "IT IS SAFE" !!

Police Personnel exposed to (Microwave) RADIATION [TETRA Phones]:

Our Police Force is also EXPOSED to this HIGH LEVELS of RADIATION during their long shifts, as most, if not all of the staff have at least a Cell Phone and most likely a Police Radio. I know of Police officials even having 2 of each!
Additionally to this I want to also point out the Health Hazards from the so called TETRA phones as are more and more used by the rescue services, like Fire Brigade & Fire Fighters and Ambulance Services (?).

Please do not forget that Bluetooth is also a big culprit in the whole Wi-Fi scene:


Wireless Networks Consumer Health and Safety Advice

Another serious Human Rights Issue is the roll-out of the following UNTESTED & UNSAFE Technologies:

Radiation from DECT Phones:

DECT cordless Phones

Radiation from Cellphones & Cellphone Towers (4G/LTE):

SAR Values
Cell Towers
4G / LTE

Radiation from Wi-Fi ◄◄◄

Wi-Fi ◄◄◄
Wi-Fi -- Thalidomide in the making !! (The next GENOCIDE!!) ◄◄◄

Radiation from the new (pre-paid/post-paid) "Smart" Meters

"Smart" Meters

Radiation from the new TV Standard DVB-T / DVB-T2:


— Could Electromagnetic Pollution/Influences/Radiation be the actual Underlying Causes to many problems - even Alcohol and Drug Abuse??


How can anyone with a right mind 'celebrate' Human Rights Day, today ???
- Please don't understand me WRONG!

I did never say we should not remember the fallen/murdered, injured & tortured people from the past, but who actually cares for all those MILLIONS of South Africa Citizens living right now, who are STILL TORTURED from all sided and in various ways - without them even knowing it and who's HEALTH AND WELL-BEING is affected by all the POLLUTION (inclusive of Electromagnetic Pollution/Radiation) and TOXIC WASTE thrown into our tap water - deliberately!!!
- Now I say it yet again: "What HUMAN RIGHTS, please, do you mean???"

I hope you all see THE ABOVE MENTIONED PROBLEMS in a totally different light now and being ACTED UPON in Accordance to the Constitution of the Country and on the HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY stated in it - and don't just continue with your BRAIN-WASHING politics …

While we are at it, perhaps we should also mention the following … Government Mistakes, too !!

I rest my case!

Let me be the next Fighter for REAL HUMAN RIGHTS !!
- Did I mention Ethics at all, yet? I will save that for next time.

Kind regards
Peter Heindl

Here is even MORE EVIDENCE of Human Rights Violations - on 'HUMAN RIGHTS' Day (2013-03-21):

Wessel Visagie, Middelburg (2013-03-21):

Why aren't Middelburg medical staff charged with attempted murder for deliberate maltreatment of Wessel Visagie? This man is slowly allowed to just 'rot away'- he arrived there just for treatment of his foot. He was 'treated' so well that gangrene set in. Then they amputated the leg just below the knee. It's been septic ever since - yet he gets no pain medication nor antibiotics. This is not just 'poor medical care', this is a physical assault to inflict as much harm and pain as possible and this will cause his death. Those 'doctors' and 'nurses' who are doing this - and then verbally cursing this Afrikaner patient for trying hard to stay alive — should be charged in a court of law for attempted murder.
See: http://www.neo-genocide.com/farmitracker/reports/view/804

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