Celebrating 19 Years of excellent Service in South Africa

IFG-sa PRESS RELEASE, for 1 July 2012

Your Health & Well-being could be at stake !!

Please read the following text attentively.

It could prevent serious illnesses (and patient's suffering over years) and improve your health and well-being and the quality of your life in general - even extend the time of life.

- Looking at NATURE and living according to NATURE is the way to go !!!

As leaders in this specific field for the past 19 years we at the Institute for Geopathology SA have an unequalled track record for testing, eliminating and screening of problem zones in homes, offices and work places.
We THANK all our current and former patients and customers as well as the medics involved for their continued support, all who have trusted our services and are reaping the benefits.
Hopefully we will be able to welcome even more interested parties (patients and medics alike) who would like to embrace the Future of Health Technology with us.

Most of the serious illnesses - especially the chronic illnesses, as well as deteriorating illnesses are linked to underlying causes, which may just as well be the actual cause of your specific problem(s) or condition(s).
This often results in medication and treatment/therapy resistancy, being the exact point where our current medical system is failing us all, as it mostly does not look beyond your body, as a whole.

— Is it just the battle that is lost, or the whole war? —

So, let's unite and attack the actual problems together. After all it is our common goal and of utmost importance, to tackle the illnesses on hand, however by looking at our immediate environment and following strict(er) guidelines - to omit (or escape) radiation - especially in the years to come.
As even more wireless gadgets are introduced into the market, which are continuously bombarding us with various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. This is a direct onslaught on our Human Rights and all of our body's cells and is not only draining the body's energy, but also weakening your immune system, as well as affecting our nervous system.
Many illnesses are directly and/or indirectly linked to to these PROBLEMATICS !!

The elimination of such (underlying) problems is of vital importance for a well functioning body - and it is getting even more critical in the near future.

For anyone that does not believe in the above:
We will work together with any South African University Clinic or Hospital to repeat the Tests as they had been conducted overseas, which will yet again show up very similar results!

Radiation is the one part of the problem, Stress is the other. — However the CHOICE to rectify these is YOURS !

Please do yourself a favour and look up more detailed information on our website and contact us if you experience problems and illnesses listed there for advice:

Please note our SPECIAL OFFER for the whole of the month JULY 2012 for all House Investigations, to be free of charge, (thus a saving to the value of R 900 for a 3 bedroomed house) should you be needing screening material installed at your sleeping place.
— This offer is only for private homes and not for businesses.