A Thought for World Cancer Day (2012-02-04)

### 2012-02-04 ###




Dear Friends,

I think that the Chemical Industry has had far to long to play with people's lives, as there are still far too many people DYING - NOT FROM CANCER, but by the CANCER MEDICATION !!!
In South Africa 1 of 3 people are touched by cancer, according to someone from CANSA, - yesterday (2012-02-03) !!


The Number 1 CANCER CURE is still PREVENTION !!!

Thus stay out of the RADIATION AREAS !!!

Electro Stress and Geopathic Stress are totally misrepresented - even ignored and suppressed.

I will put my head on a BLOCK, that in the following few years, Electro Hyper Sensitivity will be rising to EPIDEMIC LEVELS - far worse than SMOKING AND THE PLAGUE together !
Please JOIN the Electro Magnetic Sensitivity group on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/91192730247/) to find out more about Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS)!!

You don't have to to believe me and take my word for it, as long as you believe the others and have a look at the information I have posted on my website.

Starting with STRESS the number 1 KILLER of the century:

STRESS: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/stress)

RADIATION: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/radiation)
IMPRINTING: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/imprinting)

Videos: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/emf:emf-videos-cellphones-cancer)

Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS): (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/electromagnetic-hypersensitivity)

Electro Stress: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/electro-stress)

Geopathic Stress: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/geopathic-stress)

CANCER: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/cancer)

Blunt Tools: (http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/blunt-tools)

The recovery rate on cancer is about 5%, regard less of what the industry says!
For more proof, just read the book "Cancer Secrets", by Keith Scott-Mumby !!

— So far for now —

Have a lovely weekend !

Kind regards