STOP the Crackdown on Natural Health Products !!

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Country South Africa
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References South African Minister of Health wants to Clampdown on Natural Health Products

All SA Citizen's, please sign this PETITION, now !!

STOP the Crackdown on Natural Health Products !!


It is time to add your voice to the storm of protest.

Your support is needed!


South Africans deserve freedom of choice about the medicine they prefer to take. The new regulations put out by the MCC will mean that 85% of all natural medicines will disappear from the market place, thousands of people will be out of work and the economy will lose millions. We will have the most stringent and highly regulated natural health industry in the world.
This move by the MCC is unconstitutional and denies the South African people the right to freedom of choice and access to natural medicines.

For additional information see: Health Products Association SA (HPASA)

Our Message of Support, on the Facebook page of HPASA (2014-11-21, 03:50):

Dear HPASA, I just like your initiative !!
►►► "STOP the Crackdown on Natural Health Products !!" ◄◄◄

The Minister of Health is a typical Doctor and wants to 'doctor' everything right with ‪#‎CHEMISTRY‬.

This is one of the problems why SA's Health Situations look like it does !!

The second one is they do not want to move into new areas of medicine, with is ENERGY MEDICINE. - And I am not talking about RADIATION MEDICINE, which they see as Energy Medicine!

They can try how ever hard they want to keep it out and away, but they will FAIL!
The time for ENERGY MEDICINE & ENERGY HEALING is ripe and it is NOW, for all these ENERGIES to be used !

Everything is RESONATING to a certain frequency. However this is distorted by external RADIATION, especially from Cellphones and WiFi and other frequencies Electromagnetic Pollution by EMF & RF !

To the 1st degree our body is an ELECTRICAL BEING and only then a CHEMICAL ONE !!

We should take much more care about our HOMES!
Like a healthy spirit lives in a healthy body, a healthy person lives in a healthy home !
- If the home is polluted with a lot of radiation, how can you expect it that the people living there will be HEALTHY!
- This is impossible and researchers are still looking for a SICK HOME with HEALTHY PEOPLE since the 1930's !

We are over 80 years further now, so please take note of this!
Here is our contribution ….

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